Replace Ease Of Access with CMD on Win 10 login screen

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As you know, at the login screen of Windows 10 or any Windows operating system, in addition to the icon buttons of the Network, Power, its function is too clear. However, the Ease of Access button for ordinary people like us is like a decoration and never touches it. So this article I will share with you how replace Ease Of Access button with Command Prompt (CMD) Please !

Ease of Access button is equipped by Microsoft on Windows 10 to target users who are disabled, visually impaired, hearing impaired, etc. As for ordinary people like us, it doesn’t seem to be of any use other than taking up space on the screen. So I think we should replace it with the Command Prompt button, it will make more sense, it can help us in many cases such as forgetting passwords, running applications, etc. …

How to replace Ease Of Access with Command Prompt outside the login screen

In this article we will use Registry Editor to do it. And since it is a tool that directly affects the system, you should back up the Registry before proceeding! In case you make a mistake, you can restore it back to its original state.

+ Step 1: Open Registry Editor by opening the Run dialog box ( Windows + R ) => enter the box Open Comeinand regedit => press OK (If there is a menu UAC appears, then click Yes).

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Ease Of Access-bang-Command-Prompt (1)

+ Step 2: You find the path: (See how to quickly open a path in the Registry).

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion Image File Execution Options

Ease Of Access-bang-Command-Prompt (2)

+ Step 3: You right click on the key Image Excution Options choose New => Key to create a subkey and name it utilman.exe.

Ease Of Access-bang-Command-Prompt (3)

This is the new key after it is created.

Ease Of Access-bang-Command-Prompt (4)

+ Step 4: In the box to the right of the newly created key, right-click and select New => String Value to add a value named Debbuger.

Ease Of Access-bang-Command-Prompt (5)

+ Step 5: If you do not have a name, you can right click and select Rename to correct the name.

Ease Of Access-bang-Command-Prompt (6)

Step 6: Double click on the value Debbuger to open the window Edit String and change the value for the key.

Ease Of Access-bang-Command-Prompt (7)

+ Step 7: Change the value in the cell Value data Fort cmd.exe => then press OK to complete.

Ease Of Access-bang-Command-Prompt (8)

+ Step 8: Now close the window Registry Editor and restart the machine to apply the change. Then check the results.

+ Step 9: When displaying the unlock screen, you will see nothing changes but when you click on the icon Ease Of Access will not be menu of Ease Of Access anymore, but instead Command Prompt is run as Administrator.

Ease Of Access-bang-Command-Prompt (9)

Read this article, you will see how useful it is to replace the Ease of Access button with the CMD command line.


Yes, so I just instructed you How to change the Ease of Access button with CMD Okay, a way to make the buttons on the login screen of Windows 10 more useful and effective is not it?

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Opening CMD can help us solve a lot of problems such as forgetting login passwords, opening applications, and many more cool games ?

Hopefully this article will be useful for you. Good luck !

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