Revealing 4 ways to type tick marks in Word and Excel

Sometimes in the text editing process, we will sometimes need the tick mark ✓ when typing a list of information. Within the scope of this article GhienCongListen will show you how to type the tick mark ✓ in Word and Excel

Previously in the process of tinkering with and experiencing Word and Excel toolkits, GhienCongList had a headache not knowing how to do it. type tick marks in Word and Excel . Fortunately, I found some “delicious” solutions to summon ticks ✓. Follow the steps below.

There are many ways to type tick marks in Word and Excel, the method below will apply to Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Word 2016, Microsoft Word 2013, Microsoft Word 2011, Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2008 and Microsoft Word 2004. Technology changes and updates constantly, so our GhienCongList team will try to update the latest solutions for you, please stay tuned.


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Method 1 – Copy and Paste – ✓ ✔ ✅

To copy and paste ticks ( ✓) or slashes (✕), you just need to highlight the ticks and slashes you like below, then paste them into the text you are editing.


Blacked out Select the characters below:

✓ ✔ ✅


  • To Copy – press Ctrl + (remember to black out first)
  • To Paste Move the editing cursor to the place to paste, then press Ctrl + DRAW
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Method 2 – Use Font Shortcuts to type tick marks in Word and Excel

This is a fairly widely used way, use “Wingdings 2” or “Webdings” font set. This font can be selected in the familiar font menu of the Word interface, you can memorize the shortcuts in the table below to “summon” ticks and other slashes (this shortcut method will only works when you choose to use 1 of the 2 fonts above)

tick marks in word and excel

Method 3 – Use the Symbol Command feature to type tick marks in Word and Excel

You can also use the Symbol Command feature. Please note that you will need to have Excel installed to use this feature. Open the “Insert” menu, find the “Symbol” tab. In the Symbol tab select “Font” and change the current font to “Wingdings”. The tick you need will be at the bottom of the list.

Alternatively, you can access the “Start” menu under the “Character Map” section (In System Tools). Choose the font “Wingdings”. When you hover over the icon, it will be enlarged for easy viewing, there are many different tick patterns for you to choose from. Finally, copy and paste the tick mark into the text you are editing.

If Wingdings font is not available – Download here

Method 4 – Use Character Code to type tick marks

Another quick and convenient way you can use Character Code to type tick marks. Remember that you will need the numeric keypad (right hand side). Below GhienCongListen will provide you with some common Character Codes for typing ticks and slashes.

  1. Change the font to “Wingdings”.
  2. Using the numeric keypad (right hand side), hold down the Alt key and type one of the following numbers:
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Tick ​​mark


And finally, do not forget to change the font of the text you are editing after typing the tick you need. There are many ways to insert tick marks in a standard Word document. The above methods will work depending on the version of Word that you are using on your computer. GhienCongListen hope this article will help your typing. If you find it useful, please click Like & Share to support the team to produce more quality articles.

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