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Founded in 2007, ROCCAT™ develops high quality and innovative accessories in Germany for ambitious computer gamers. In close collaboration with the gaming community, outstanding input devices and headsets, which excel through their first-class precision, high level of ease-of-use and unique design, are designed at ROCCAT™ Studios in Hamburg. The ROCCAT™ Kone Gaming Mouse was the first product to be launched by the Hamburg-based developer, and has played a leading role right from the outset in the world’s premiere league of gaming mice. A host of international awards confirm the first-class quality and outstanding range of functions of ROCCAT™ products.

About the Product


Today we are going to review one of the best gaming headset from ROCCAT , The ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Gaming Headset which gives you advantage within the heat of the battle when you exactly hear where your opponents are before you can actually see them. Knowing the position of your enemy is half the frag. Realistic 3D surround sound makes you locate your opponents easily by the noise they generate. The desktop control enables you to adjust to situations quickly with sound and microphone mute buttons and volume control for different channels.


Features and Specifications

Some of the magnificent Features and Specifications of Roccat Kave are mentioned below




  • REAL 5.1 SURROUND SOUND with speakers aligned at a 12° angle
  • MICROPHONE WITH MUTE LED fully rotatable and completely removable
  • TIP’N’CONTROL DESKTOP REMOTE for central management of all volume functions
  • DUAL SOUND-PROFILE with movie and game settings
  • SOLID ALUMINIUM HINGES enabling heavy duty use
  • ESPECIALLY COMFORTABLE EARCUPS featuring external noise cancelling, hand-sewn
  • ADJUSTABLE VIBRATION UNIT for a realistic gaming experience
  • HEADBAND WITH THREE PADS for equal weight distribution
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Packaging and Unboxing

ROCCAT Kave comes in big black box with transparent front side so you can see the mighty ROCCAT Kave for yourself before purchasing it out . Also its main features are highlighted on the front of the box as well . It gives you REAL 5.1 Surround Audio , With MUTE LED function , along with Desktop Control which we will see shortly .


Also it is equipped with four 40mm speaker on every side of headset to give you amazing sound quality .


Also on the back side of the ROCCAT Kave you can see the big picture on the top side . Also on the bottom right , There are technical specifications of the ROCCAT Kave .

After opening up the box , The following items were found inside .

-Quick Installation Guide

– Manual in Compact Disk along with Sound Demo

-Case INARI Booklet

Also included inside is the ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Gaming Headset itself . You can see in the below picture that its not like normal headset which you see daily in gaming zones or at your LAN parties . This is one of the best gaming headset out there in market and you have to trust me for this . For more details regarding this beast headset , Head upto the next segment ” A Closer Look “

Closer look at the ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Headset


The ROCCAT Kave have four 3.5mm jack so that you can plug it in 5.1 Surround configuration . Although it can be used in stereo mode as well but you wont get full benefit from it . Also note that there is USB too . You might wonder why we need USB ? The USB is to power up the Desktop Control . If you dont plug the USB into your computer you wont listen a thing . It does not matter whether  you plug it in USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 .

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ROCCAT Kave is a big headset for those of you out there who want the surrounding noise to be cancelled out while gaming. Trust me the moment i wear this headset , All the surrounding sound faded in no time . Also the feeling of this headset is amazing . Your ears are almost covered by huge ear cups so you get to hear each and everything . Also the three soft padding on the top of the headset provides you comfort for long time .

One great feature of this headset is that you can go with it anywhere. It is portable , You can fold it like in the above picture and place it in the bag or anything else .

Also note that it can be used as a Headphone or Headset . It is upto you , The microphone is completely detachable and can be easily attached or dis attached .

One of the great feature of the ROCCAT Kave is that the MIC Mute LED. This let you know that whether your mic is mute or not . If the LED ring is turned blue then the microphone of the ROCCAT Kave is Muted and  no one can hear your voice . If the LED is turned off , Then the microphone is working normally .

The Main thing which separates ROCCAT Kave from other headsets is the Desktop Control . Its kind of equiliser for the headset . You can change the volume of the system by rotating the ring on the left side or mute the system audio by pressing the button inside the ring . Also in order to mute the mic you have to press the small mic mute button at the front bottom side . Also you can select which profile you want to use from two profiles . Moreover , You can adjust Center , Front , Rear And Subwoofer by adjusting the level of them according to your need .

Testing and Conclusion


We tested this headset by plugging this headset in our motherboard which support 8 channel audio and run of Latest Realtek 892 Codec and also in Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Gaming Sound Card .  Note that there is no drivers for ROCCAT Kave . Its just Plug n Play .


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First of all we used the movies profile to watch some of very good movies and also to listen to the music . The movie which was on test was the recent ” The Expendables 2 ” ( Note that the movie was Full HD Bluray Version ) . From dialogs to the action scene we could listen each and everything crystal clear . There was no kind of distortion or buzzing . Just plain and crystal sound quality .

For testing it as a gaming headset , We switched to the Game Profile and launched one of the leading game titles such as Battlefield 3 , Counter Strike Global Offensive and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 . In the above games knowing your enemy position and knowing what is going at your back is very important . Well with this headset , You wont be getting into any kind of problem . Just raise the level of Rear and Front On your Desktop Control and you can clearly hear anything happening around you . So you there is no chance for any enemy to sneak behind you and assassinate you  .

Well in the End ,  All we have to say is that ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Gaming Headset is one of the best of the best gaming headsets in the market  . There is no any kind of problem in this headset . From headpiece to the connecting jacks everything is perfectly made. The sound quality is amazing and fantastic . This is one of its own kind gaming headset . Also the Desktop control is the amazing feature which give it a plus point on other headset.


We are pleased and greatful to announce that ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Gaming Headset receives Extreme Buy Award at TechTipsnReview for its amazing Built Quality , Quality Sound and Amazing Features .


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