Save Water With This Trio of iOS Apps

The days of leaving the cold water tap running when we brush our teeth are well and truly over or, at least they should be. The message is starting to get through and many individuals have started to take notice of the amount of water they are using and are thinking of ways to cut down of this finite resource. But were you aware that your favourite Smartphone platform also wants to join the party? We’ve found some cheeky applications that promise to help us in the war against watery waste and we’ve rounded them up for the purposes of this article. So if you are worried about the way you or your family are using too much water, please check out our unbiased reviews and see which one floats your boat.

myUse By Dirk-Jan Faber – $1.99

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 5.1 or later for smooth running. Okay, if you were thinking of looking into how much you were spending on electric, gas as well as your water bills, this bad boy is just the ticket. You can track all 3 of these utility sources with apparent ease. It will also give you an estimate of your upcoming usage and you can start tweaking the amount that you actually get through before that bill gets any fatter. The charts and spreadsheet features are knockout and you can export these to your notebook or PC for further manipulation. This type of activity should not be fun, but when you start to play around with the peak supply periods and actually see that money staying in your pocket, you can’t help but raise a smile!

Waterprint By Forester Media – Free

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it will require iOS 3.1.3 or later for smooth running. Well you must have heard of the carbon footprint by now, but what about the water footprint? This very slick application takes all of the water that is contained in food, products and beverages, plus the bath and shower volumes and it works out your very own ‘waterprint’. Once you have this uniquely assigned measurement onboard, you can start to do what you can to reduce it down to a more manageable size. There is a waterprint for pretty much every product you could think of and if you give a hoot about the water wastage that is seemingly everywhere, you should think seriously about downloading this App right away.

Toobz – Free By Off Center Software – Free

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it will require iOS 4.2 or later for smooth running. Okay, our final water saving App is really just a game, but one that carries a very important lesson. You have to connect a set of pipes in order for the water to flow through without spilling any. The game is a lot of fun and we defy any water lover not to get the message by the time they’ve lost for the fiftieth time!


We are and we can’t wait to try out the cool new applications here, so please take a closer look and see which one you prefer!



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