Screenshot Note 8 for those of you who don’t know

Way Note 8 screen capture is one of the information that users care about in the process of using the product. If you own this product and don’t know how to do it, follow the following article for details!

1. Some information about Samsung Note 8 . phone

Samsung phones Note 8 possesses the ability to take HDR photos for images with fresh colors, natural transitions between light and dark areas, without white borders.

– Perfect automatic photography. In most cases, from full light, or fast moving like driving a car, human activity, the image produces high definition, bold colors but not too bright.

– Good dynamic focus mode, fast image saving.

About the phone Samsung Note 8

In addition to the outstanding advantages of the camera, the product also brings users a quick convenient experience, sharp image quality. This is a suggestion for those of you who love photography.

2. Summary of Note 8 . screenshots

During use, sometimes you will want to capture the screen to save information quickly with images. Then to take a screenshot phone Samsung Note 8 has a lot of ways, here are 5+ ways that you can refer to and implement very simply.

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2.1. Using hardware keys

How to take a screenshot of note 8 using hardware keys

– This key operation is extremely familiar to users, most Android Smartphones take screenshots with the power button and volume down key.

– Press and hold the power and volume down keys at the same time to take a screenshot. Then the device will vibrate and have a bell to notify that the device screen capture has been successful. To review the captured image, swipe down from the notification bar and tap the Screenshot Captured section.

2.2. Use the “Palm Swipe to Capture” feature

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Note 8 with gestures, do the following:

Step 1: Go to “Settings” > “Advanced features”.

Step 2: Activate “Palm swipe to capture” mode.

Step 3: You just need to use your hand to swipe from left to right to take a screenshot.

2.3. Using Samsung Note 8’s support menu

You can also use the assist menu to take screenshots of your Samsung Note 8 by setting as follows.

How to take a screenshot of Samsung note 8 using the support menu

Step 1: Go to “Settings” > “Support”.

Step 2: Select “Action and interaction”.

Step 3: Activate “Support Menu”.

Step 4: After installation, if you want to take a screenshot, just click on the support menu icon to see the item “Screenshot”.

2.4. Using the “Smart Select” feature of the Spen

On the Note 8 series, How to take pictures with the Spen Note 8 more interactive with users.

Using the “Smart Select” feature - How to take a photo with the Spen Note 8

Step 1: To take a photo Note 8 screen capture We use the Spen to select “Smart Select”.

Step 2: Select the shape of the screenshot.

Step 3: Use the stylus to touch and hold on the screen and drag and drop to the area you want to capture.

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2.5. Use the “Screen writer” feature to take photos with S pen Note 8

In addition to the “Smart Select” feature, you can also use the “Screen writer” feature on the Spen to take clearer and more accurate Note 8 screenshots.

How to take a screenshot of Samsung Note 8 using the

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Step 1: Use the Spen to select “Screen writer”.

Step 2: Select “Crop”.

Step 3: Use “Spen” to select the area you want to capture then press save. So we’re done! Take a photo with the Note 8 . pen.

2.6. Use the features of the virtual assistant Bixby

– Like other virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, …. Bixby will support users a lot in the process of using the device.

Take a screenshot of Samsung Note 8 - Use the feature of the virtual assistant Bixby

And with Note 8, you just need to activate Bixby Voice and use the Take a screenshot command to take a screenshot. Immediately after, the device screen will be easily captured.

– You press and hold the Bibxy button on the left edge of the Note 8 device before performing the voice command to take a screenshot.

2.7. Take a screenshot of Note 8 in scroll

To screenshot Samsung Note 8 such as taking pictures of document pages, newspaper pages, you can use scroll mode.

– To do this, simply press the “Power” + “volume down” button at the same time. After the preview screenshot appears, click on “Scroll Capture” to enable automatic screen scrolling and capture as a full-size image.

– To shoot to the desired content, simply touch the screen to stop the scrolling feature.

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With 5+ ways Note 8 screen capture Above, wish you successful implementation and have a satisfied screen capture experience on Note 8 with the product.

Source: Screenshot Note 8 for those of you who don’t know

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