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Seasonic recently added the new X-1050 and X-1250 units to their lineup and today we are going to take a look at the new X-1250 .

Before starting the review i would like to thank you Seasonic for providing me the sample product for review purpose .

Features and Specifications


The seasonic X series power supply is available in two power wattage , 1050 watt and 1250 watt .

Both of them have common some common features which are below ,




As most would expect from an enthusiast grade power supply and from Seasonic, the X-1250 has a full complement of features. All protections are there including over temperature protection. The unit is rated for 100% continuous output at 50C and carries an 80Plus Gold rating.

Seasonic puts it squarely in the middle of the range for price when looking at 1000W units and with some more attractive features than the competition. Seasonic backs the unit with a five year warranty.




Well the way seasonic shipped the sample to me was amazing.  They had done eery precaution so that the power suppl reached without getting damaged . The Box is pretty big as compared to other power supplies. On the front of the box the wattage of power supply is mentioned along with the 80Plus Gold Certified logo.


At the back of the box , seasonic mentioned all the features of their power supply unit to have a look before making any purchase . Which we think is quite a good thing to do .

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The things we found after unboxing the power supply are ,


Bag ( Containing Cables ) , Manual , Warranty Card , Cable Ties and straps , Mounting Screws and SeaSonic Sticker

Power Supply in Velvet SeaSonic Cover


Inside the SeaSonic Cable Pouch ( Modular Cables )


Well we love the way Seasonic present their consumer the product.  We appreciate their work on this power supply unit .
After opening the Seasonic cable pouch we find a large number of cables which are below ,


One 8 pin CPU Power Cable , One 4+4 CPU Power Cable , One Standard 24 PIN ATX Connecter


4 PCI-E 6+2 Connecter



4 Serial ATA ( SATA ) Power Cable


3 Four Pin Molex Connecter


4 Pin Molex to Floppy Y Connecter


One Thick Power Cord for Power Supply


A Closer look at the Power Supply



Now lets have a closer look at the power supply ,


The Power supply come in black velvet cover  , which i think is very attractive . Also I want every power supply brand to present the unit in such a way like the Seasonic have done .


Seasonic power supply have good cooling for the power supply . The honey comb design at the bottom of the power supply and San Ace 120mm Silent fan provides cooling and silent operation

Seasonic uses the Sanyo Denki San Ace 120 fan to cool the X-1050. They say that the fan is more balanced than others which provides for increased performance.


At the back of the power supply , we see the typical honey comb design for ventilation  and cooling . Also at the back we have power cord connect and on/off switch

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On the side of the power supply , all the DC output are mentioned . This power supply has single +12V rail which is capable of 104A and 1248 W .

Seasonic x – 1250 is fully modular power supply and all the connecters on this power supply are very well made .  The cable connecters are below ,

  • 2 Motherboard connecter
  • 1 CPU Connecter
  • 6 peripheral Connecter
  • 4 PCI-E Connecter
  • 1 Optional CPU or PCI-E Connecter


At the top left we can see there is a switch which controls the fan of power supply . Hybrid function enables the fan to run only at the time it is required . When normal is turned on it keeps on running .


Benchmark and Testing


We test the SeaSonic X-1250 power supply under heavy load and were very happy to know the results it provided . The rig we used were based on following components .


  • Core i5 2500k CPU
  • ASUS p8z68 Motherboard
  • Patriot Viper Xtreme Division2  8 GB 1866MHz RAM
  • Patriot PYRO 120 GB SSD
  • 2 x HD 6970 Graphic Card Crossfire X Combination
  • Seasonic X-1250 Power Supply


Reading Numbers 3.3V 5.0V 12V
Reading No .1 3.32 5.1 12.2
Reading No .2 3.31 5.05 12.01
Reading No. 3 3.32 5.02 12.03


After looking the rails we found that under any circumstances the power supply does not let the voltage drop below their mentioned one . DC output quality was good from start to finish. Starting out, we were barely able to see a ripple on the scope during Test 1 where we measured noise at a low 9mV peak to peak. This steadily increased as the loads also increased. By the time we had reached around 50% load, the unit ripple had crept up to 17mV. Under full load, we saw that the noise on the 12V rail had crept up to 27mV.

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The Seasonic X-1250 is rated for 80Plus Gold efficiency. This means that the power supply must perform at 87%/90%/87% efficiency at 20%/50%/100% loads respectively. As you can see, Seasonic X-1050 managed to score a pass while on our test bench. At no time was the unit close to failing for efficiency.


In the End / Conclusion


Seasonic has once again proven why it is often the choice of enthusiasts. The X-1250 performed nearly flawlessly on our test bench through all of our tests. The voltage regulation is at 1% or less across all three rails which is almost unheard of and rarely seen. DC output quality was almost amazing, staying under 30mV of ripple under full load. Topping it off, the unit excels past the minimum for 80Plus Gold certification.

Seasonic X-1250 has the rest of the package as well. The full modular design coupled with short and long cables ensure that you only have the cables you need in your system. Seasonic backs the unit with a five year warranty and when you add in the price of the unit, it becomes a no-brainer.

We are very pleased to announce that Seasonic X-1250 Power Supply receives award at TechTipsnReview






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