Should I replace the SSD for my laptop? Benefits of using SSD

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1. SSD drive concept

An SSD is a storage device that uses flash memory to store data instead of platters and spinning motors like on conventional HDDs.

– Advantages:

SSDs have much faster read and write speeds than traditional HDDs. When upgrading to SSD customers will have a faster data copy speed, load into Windows faster, or run applications much faster.

Advantages of SSD hard drives

SSDs store data through flash memory chips instead of disks like on HDDs, so the shock resistance and lifespan of SSDs are also higher than HDDs, HDD life is measured in hours and SSDs per unit. TBW (total Tera Bytes written to flash).

SSDs are also more power-efficient than HDDs, so the battery life on the device will be longer and the device laptop It will be less hot when in use.

SSD drives do not have a motor and need to be read like on an HDD, so the noise generated during use is almost non-existent.

– Defect:

SSD hard drives will be more expensive and do not have as many capacity levels as on HDDs.

Disadvantages of SSDs

The ability to recover data when the SSD fails is almost impossible, while on the HDD it is still possible.

2. Should I replace my laptop’s SSD?

Should I replace the SSD for my laptop?  What you all should know

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Our answer is “Should change”. First of all, this hard drive is quite compact, it is difficult to be damaged when moving or bumping because of its excellent shock resistance. Compared to HDD, this is the first advantage that makes users want to upgrade SSD for the device they are using. The loss of stored data is no longer a permanent worry when the computer is accidentally dropped, bringing a sense of peace of mind to customers when using. SSD solid-state drive works without noise, dissipates heat very well, helping to prolong the life of the computer, and the battery is more durable during all operations. Moreover, this device also has self-detection and memory error correction mode.

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3. Benefits of using SSD

Reduce OS Boot Time: Upgrading to an SSD can significantly reduce your waiting time. When attaching an SSD, the hard drive has a very fast access speed, so it makes an operating system drive to help the laptop boot many times faster than a normal HDD. Usually, our laptop boots up about 20 seconds, when we attach the SSD, the boot speed and boot time is only about 3-4 seconds. The boot speed is fast and improves significantly when we attach an SSD hard drive, right?

– Extremely fast data access: SSD has a superior read / write data access speed compared to HDD due to the way the memory chip works much better than magnetic disk (reaching nearly 500 MB / s) and sometimes even over SATA 3 (6Gbps). While the memory chip can start working immediately, the magnetic disk still needs time for the motor to rotate to the correct speed, so you should find out. Should I replace the SSD for my laptop? are not?

Benefits of SSD for laptops

– Run software quickly: You install programs and software more quickly, especially those who intend to install Windows operating system to see this clearly. If you use video and image processing software such as Photoshop or Premiere, etc., opening the software compared to the HDD will be much faster. If it is an HDD that takes more than 1 minute, opening with an SSD will only count in seconds, about 5-10 seconds or something.

– Extremely good data protection, high shock resistance: HDD does not process data when the system is turned off, on the contrary, SSD can still save data on an integrated chip if in case of accidental device disconnected.

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– When operating, it will make no noise, dissipate heat efficiently and coolly: With a special new design without a drive and good heat dissipation, the computer’s operation is more stable and less hot. This makes the computer less likely to hang when running heavy applications.

– Large data transmission bandwidth: helps to increase the working capacity of the computer.

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