Should iPhone X upgrade to iOS 15?

Thanks to a series of new features, iOS 15 still has the appeal of users even though it has not changed much in design. Therefore, many users wonder if they should update Apple’s new mobile operating system for their iPhone models and those who are using iPhone X are no exception.

In this article, will give you some information to help you decide whether to upgrade to iOS 15 for your iPhone X.

Upgrading iOS 15 for iPhone X: Not getting anything significant

With that said, iOS 15 is a feature update, not much changed in design compared to iOS 15. However, the new features of iOS 15 are mainly for devices from iPhone XS and above. This means that iPhone X users will not get a lot of new things if they upgrade to iOS 15.

Please refer to the new features of iOS 15: New features on iOS 15.0.1 and iPhones upgraded to iOS 15

In terms of performance and battery life, iOS 15 does not help iPhone X improve. Tested on the iPhone X itself, a admin shows that the performance and battery life of iPhone X when it comes to iOS 15 is still similar to when using iOS 14.

The camera features also receive no improvements except for the addition of the ability to view photo information in the Photos app.

Should iPhone X upgrade to iOS 15?

Upgrade to iOS 15 for iPhone X: Nothing to Lose

And about the damage of iPhone X when upgrading to iOS 15, there is really nothing to say. Battery life and performance remain the same with no decrease or increase while the interface changes only slightly.

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Conclude thinks that upgrading from iOS 14 to iOS 15 is not really worth thinking about for iPhone X users. The reason is because this is too innocuous, if you like you can go up right away or wait for iOS 15.1, 15.2 to be released for stability and then go up.

However, if you are using iOS 13, you should immediately upgrade your iPhone X to iOS 15.

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