Silicon Power Armor A30 Portable Hard Drive Review

Today we are going to have a look at Silicon Power Armor A30 Portable Hard Drive . Armor A30 is comprised of a shock-resistant silica gel, building from the internal structure to the exterior, adding an extra shield to withstand crushes and shocks. Furthermore, Armor A30 has passed the test in compliance with stringent US military MIL-STD-810G (transit drop test) . Lets get into detail of this drive so we can check out more about it ,

Features and Specifications

The features and the specifications of the Armor A30 is shown in following snapshots .

Packaging and Unboxing

We have reviewed a similar hard drive from silicon power which was the armor A15  . The packaging of Armor A30 is same as it was of Armor A15  . It comes in the pretty standard box with small transparent window on the right side from which you can see the hard drive it self . On the front side of the box , all the main features , model and details of the drive are mentioned .

 On the back side of the box , The contents included in the box and some of features along with the specifications are mentioned . Also there is a list on which this drive can work flawlessly .

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Once you open the box , you will find the following items which are included in it

– Silicon Power Armor A30 500GB Portable Hard Drive with USB3.0 Data Cable

– User Manual

Closer Look at A30

First of all you will notice the different type of design of this particular PHD . The A30 has unique design as it is curve from side and on each side there are 3 shock absorbing rubber which are made from fine material to protect the drive from any kind of jerk or shock.

Also the design is very attractive as it is unique and used first time by Silicon Power . The color combination is great as well .

One thing you will note when you will look at this PHD or hold it in your hands . That like unlike A15 this have different type of texture on it . It has more like kind of hexagonal bumpy texture and it has matte finish rather gloss . This is very great what it is does it protects the body to be scratch proof . We tried with the car keys and many other stuff but this is resistance to most tools .

This PHD has wrap around cable design , what this mean that you can wrap around the data cable around it so that there is no hassle for losing it . This is very great feature to carry the cable without handling it alone . Silicon Power has introduce this design to many other PHD’s as well.

On the top side you can see the blue USB 3.0 port  for the connection . One thing to note that this drive is shock proof but not water proof  because if it was so than there should be protection on the USB port as well .

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Benchmarking And Testing

The rig we will  be using to test this PHD has following components installed ,

  • Intel Corei5 3570K  3.4GHz
  • MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming Motherboard
  • ADATA XPG 16GB 2400MHz RAM
  • Silicon Power V70 120GB SSD

The benchmarks software we used for testing are ,

  • CrystalDisk Mark
  • AIDA64 Disk Read Suite
  • ATTO

The pictures of results of the benchmarks are below ,

In the End ( Conclusion )

Like we tested the previous armor series PHD , we tested A30 by dropping this drive from 4 , 5  ,6 ft on to the stone floor but still it survived the shock . Also we did test the surface by scratching it with some tools and we got a positive feedback . As far as the design goes , the design is A+ also the color scheme . The matte finish and the hexagonal structure texture is great idea .

Now as far as the speed of the drive and benchmark result goes . This drive performed very well on our benchmark desk . The maximum read speed we achieved is 120MB/s on USB3.0 and the maximum write speed we got is also around 120MB/s . This is a really well performing drive . We confirmed this speed by running our test three to four time and every time we got same results which is mind blowing .

In the end we are pleased  to announce that Armor A30 Portable Hard Drive from Silicon Power receives Extreme Buyer Award at TechTipsnReview for the Tough Design and Blazing Fast Performance at our test bench .

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