Smart Hide Calculator – Extremely smart file hiding tool on Android

Smart Hide Calculator is an application that helps you hide files extremely smart on Android phones, it is disguised as a computer, but it can actually hide files quickly and powerfully.
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Usually you often use applications to hide files, hide photos or videos on the CH Play application store, but one of the disadvantages of these applications is that just finding and deleting the application is considered as hidden files. Yours is normally publicly displayed. Smart Hide Calculator was born to hide files and deceive others, they cannot know that you are hiding files, Smart Hide Calculator is both a pocket calculator and powerfully hides photo and video files.

– Smart Hide Calculator version for Android: Download Smart Hide Calculator for Android.

Instructions for using Smart Hide Calculator to hide files on Android phones.

Step 1 : Start Smart Hide Calculator for the first time, press the password for it, including numbers, then click on the sign at the end. = continue to confirm the password again and also press the sign = .

smart hide calculator for android

Step 2: The application asks you to enter the second level password, you can enter both letters and numbers, if you ever forget the password, you can still press 123456789+987654321 to unlock.

best file security on android

Step 3 : Click on Hide files to start hiding your files.

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Step 4 : Select the folder to save the photo or video to hide.

Step 5 : Select the file extension to hide in the folder you selected respectively.
So above we have guided you to use the Smart Hide Calculator application – an extremely smart file hiding tool, disguised by a computer application, from now on you can safely give your phone to others. without fear of them seeing the files you have hidden.

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