Summary of 3 simple ways to check the configuration of Android and iPhone phones

Way check phone configuration is information that many users are interested in during use. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t skip the tutorial right here!

1. What is the phone configuration?

Check phone configuration: What is the picture?

– Configuration phone evaluated by experts from the components and parts that make up a phone, including: ROM, RAM, CPU, battery capacity, screen (resolution, pixel density), …

+ Storage (ROM): Also known as memory or phone capacity, ROM plays the role of storing data sources on the phone including files, videos, songs, photos and system software,. .. Also you can check the storage level on the SD card and can even move data to the memory card or uninstall apps.

+ Memory (RAM): RAM is random access memory capable of self-reading and writing. The data stored on RAM will be lost if your phone is powered off. When you check the memory on your phone, your phone will ask you to free up memory by closing background apps. You just need to select Clean now to proceed with this task.

How to check phone configuration

– When check phone configuration you can know if your phone has a strong configuration or not. A phone with a strong configuration needs to meet certain criteria in terms of screen, screen resolution, battery life, processor and RAM,… Besides, for each use need Each phone will have its own unique strengths and weaknesses in terms of configuration.

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– If you do not know why your phone cannot handle many tasks at the same time even though the RAM is quite high. Or why your processor chip has a lot of cores but can’t run the game smoothly. To find out the cause, you need to check the configuration of your phone.

– Choosing the right phone configuration for you depends on the needs of each person. So you should check the configuration carefully before deciding to buy a certain phone to avoid unsatisfactory cases during the later experience.

2. How to check Android phone configuration

There are many ways to help you check the configuration on your Android phone. You can refer to these ways below.

2.1. Check your phone’s configuration in Settings

Here’s how to view the configuration Samsung phonesyou can do the same with other Android devices.

Step 1: On your Android phone, select “Setting

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom and select “Phone information

Note: For other phone numbers, the name will change like “About the phone“.

How to check Android phone configuration using Settings: Step 1+2

Step 3: Choose “Software information” to know the current operating system version of your phone or “Battery information” will show the battery capacity as well as the remaining battery percentage.

For example, the device is currently using Android 9.0 version and has a battery capacity of 3,500 mAh.

How to check Android phone configuration using Settings: Step 3

Step 4: For Samsung phones, to see the amount of RAM and storage (ROM), you go to “Setting” > “Device care” > “Storage or Memory“. You will now see the amount of RAM and ROM on your device.

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How to check Android phone configuration using Settings: Step 4

2.2. How to check Android phone configuration with CPUz . application

Step 1: Download the application to check the configuration of the phone CPU-Z to your device

Step 2: After the download is complete, please start CPU-Z to know the phone’s configuration details:

How to check Android phone configuration with CPUz . application

– Card SOC will provide you with information such as: CPU, Chip, processor chip speed, chip manufacturer, …

– Card DEVICE Display overview configuration such as: Machine name, manufacturer, screen size, screen resolution, weight, total RAM capacity, internal memory capacity, …

– Card SYSTEM shows more important parameters such as OS version, last OS update date,…

In addition to the parameters when checking the phone configuration above, you can also see more information about the battery status in the Battery card, the phone’s temperature in the Thermal card, …

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3. How to check configuration on iPhone phone

Step 1: Above iPhone phone you enter”Setting” > Select “General settings“.

Step 2: To view your iPhone’s internal storage, select “iPhone capacity“. At the iPhone Storage screen, you will see the space usage of different types of data such as: Apps, Photos, Messages, …

How to check iPhone phone configuration: Step 1+2

Step 3: To check battery capacity on iPhone, select “The battery” > Select “Battery status“.

How to check iPhone phone configuration: Step 3

At the Battery Health interface, you will see the Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capacity of your iPhone, along with annotations provided by the iPhone itself to consumers.

With the way check phone configuration above, wish you success and get the desired information.

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