Summary of 5+ experiences to buy the best air conditioner for the family this summer

Air conditioner buying experience is one of the information that many users are interested in when planning to buy this product. If you also have this question, follow the following article to get the most accurate answer!

1. Choose one-way or two-way air conditioner

– You need to choose to buy air conditioning unidirectional or bidirectional. Depending on your needs and climate, choose the right product for your family. For example:

+ With the northern climate or places with winter, you should consider two-way air conditioners. Because this type of air conditioner supports both hot and cold seasons, it saves electricity and is better for health than heaters.

+ With the southern climate or places where there is no winter, you only need one-way air conditioner to be able to meet the needs of use, no need for two-way air conditioners with more expensive investment costs.

Air conditioner buying experience: choose one-way or two-way air conditioner

2. Air conditioner buying experience: Choosing the right capacity

– If you install a small air conditioner for a large room, the air conditioner will not be able to cool the entire room even when operating at full capacity. Looking back, installing a large capacity air conditioner in a small room will cause useless energy waste. Therefore, to ensure optimal cooling capacity as well as save electricity, you need to choose an air conditioner with a capacity suitable for the room area.

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– Formula to choose air conditioner capacity according to room volume: Air conditioner capacity (HP) = Room volume / (40 to 45)

(Note: Can be divided by 35 for living room or crowded, lots of light)

Air conditioner buying experience: choose the right capacity

Details can be found in the following table:

Wattage Family Office Coffee/Restaurant Hotel
1.0 HP 45 m3 45 m3 30 m3 35 m3
1.5 HP 60 m3 60 m3 45 m3 55 m3
2.0 HP 80 m3 80 m3 60 m3 70 m3
2.5 HP 120 m3 120 m3 80 m3 100 m3

3. Choose an air conditioner with energy-saving technology

Air conditioner buying experience: Saving electricity

Choosing energy-saving air conditioners is also one of the things that Air conditioner buying experience late note you. You can base on the following criteria to find yourself the most suitable air conditioner.

– Choose type of inverter air conditioner: Inverter air conditioners are machines that use inverter technology to help change the power capacity to best suit the energy, thereby reducing unnecessary power consumption. If you want your air conditioner to be an energy-saving product, choose to buy an inverter air conditioner.

– Consider energy stamps: In addition, there are also different levels of energy savings that are divided and conventionalized on a standard scale. Those are energy labels and energy stamps licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, each higher level of energy label or stamp is a proof of better power saving ability.

Air conditioner buying experience: Energy stamps

– Other energy-saving modes or technologies: According to the experience of buying air conditioners, air conditioners also have different energy-saving technologies such as single-user mode found on most air conditioners or Eco Mode of Toshiba air conditioners, smart eyes on Daikin air conditioners,… When buying an air conditioner, remember to pay more attention to this issue.

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4. Choose a type of air conditioner with high durability and stability

Air conditioner buying experience: Choose a durable and stable air conditioner

– You also need to pay attention to whether the air conditioner you choose to buy has features and technologies to protect the durability of the machine, such as protecting the outdoor unit against corrosion, voltage drop protection, anti-pressure drop, etc. ..

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– These technologies will help your air conditioner have a longer shelf life, limit continuous warranties like machines that do not contain it, and avoid incurring repair costs after the warranty period. .

5. Other important utilities on the air conditioner

Air conditioning today often goes hand in hand with many other modern technologies. Air conditioner buying experience advises you to carefully consider your needs and actual conditions at home to buy the most appropriate air conditioner, avoiding waste. Some of the utilities include:

– Night sleep mode: Brings soothing air flow, helping users not to get cold at night. Especially suitable for families with children and the elderly.

Air conditioner buying experience: Night mode

– Control by phone, with wifi: air conditioners, air conditioners with internet connection allow using smartphones to control the air conditioner at your home anytime, anywhere.

– Instant cooling: Quickly cool the room in a short time, you don’t have to wait too long to enjoy the cool, relaxing atmosphere.

– Super-quiet cooling feature: Suitable for homes with the elderly and young children, bringing a feeling of relaxation, comfort, quiet space, helping to quickly fall into a deep and good sleep after a day of activities.

Air conditioner buying experience: Super quiet cooling

– Air conditioner has a pleasant wind blowing ability: helps to cool naturally and refreshingly without thermal shock when cold air blows directly on people thanks to the louvers moving upwards towards the ceiling, directing the air flow. Cold spreads from the top down and evenly covers the room.

6. Should choose environmentally friendly gas products

Air conditioner buying experience: Environmentally friendly

In addition to the above air conditioner buying experience, choosing an environmentally friendly gas is a factor you should consider. Most air conditioners need gas to operate. Using air conditioners is really not environmentally friendly.

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– With products using R32 gas instead of R410 or R22, it is possible to reduce emissions by up to 75% to help reduce environmental pollution.

7. Learn more about the warranty

Air conditioner buying experience: warranty

– Each brand has its own warranty policy. Therefore, in order for the product to always work at its best, you need to consider the warranty as well as a reputable shopping address to help ensure the best quality of air conditioner during use.

With Air conditioner buying experience As well as how to choose the right product above, I wish you to buy a satisfactory air conditioner.

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