‘Taking attendance’ 3 ways to text on Instagram using a computer

You can only message on Instagram through your phone and can’t message on your computer yet? Here are 3 ways to message on Instagram using a computer.

In the last few years, Instagram appeared and attracted an increasing number of users and became one of the top most visited social networking sites in the world.

Besides Facebook, we can also exchange information via Instagram. But unfortunately, it is only possible to message on Instagram through the phone and there is no version for the computer yet. This can be annoying for many people because sometimes we want to check messages through the computer when the phone is out of battery or dead. Therefore, GhienCongListen here to help you message on Instagram using computer with a few simple steps right below.


3 ways to delete messages on Instagram

Method 1: Use the Instagram app available on Windows

Step 1: Get the Instagram app for Windows at THIS

Step 2: Just login and text!



Method 2: Use IG:dm . software

Application IG:dm designed so that users can text on their PC or laptop. Just download the application by following the link below, you can comfortably perform tasks on Instagram such as messaging, sending pictures, videos, …



Download IG:dm: window | MacOS | Linux

Method 3: Use Chrome Extension (Chrome extension)

Same as above, software Direct Messages for Instagram Designed by Chrome for Instagram tasks such as messaging, recalling messages, sending emojis, etc.

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Step 1: Download extension Direct Messages for Instagram

Step 2: After downloading, you just need to log in and chit chat with your friends!!!

Above, GhienCongList introduced to you 3 extremely useful applications for messaging on Instagram using a computer. However, although all three of these apps allow basic Instagram tasks, you can’t send GIFs or stickers like you can on your phone. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, GhienCong Nghe will help you answer them right away.

Reference: gadgetstouse.com

Source: ‘Taking attendance’ 3 ways to text on Instagram using a computer
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