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In a few previous posts, I have posted a number of articles summarizing high-quality free themes, which also received a lot of positive feedback, but almost such themes are always updated every day, on the other hand the process Testing and testing the theme is also quite time consuming. So in order for Thach to have more time to test the plugin or learn other information for writing articles, today I will introduce some theme download websites that I often follow to introduce to you. , from here you will be able to have more choices.

Please note, all themes here are free, not a free sharing place for paid stuff.

Website to download high quality free WordPress theme


This is the most reliable free theme download address that I’m not sure everyone knows. The advantage when you use the theme here is that the theme can be used for any version of WordPress, does not contain malicious code, fully supports famous plugins such as BuddyPress, WooCommerce, BBPress, WordPress MU, …

Websites to download the best free WordPress themes 15

In addition, the themes posted above all have to go through a very strict inspection process from Automattic’s theme review team, so you can rest assured that there will be less chance of miscellaneous errors or no malicious code. .

Anders Noren


This is a blog of a Swedish designer, but here he shares themes that are completely free but have high aesthetic value. Anders’ themes are mostly for blogs.

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Websites to download the best free WordPress themes 15

This is the official homepage of Hybrid Core – A free theme framework for WordPress, but if you are a fan of Hybrid or love Retro style, you should not miss the child theme library for it. The themes here are all rated for on-page SEO optimization very well because of the standard structure.


If you feel that the themes at the WordPress library are not beautiful enough, then try FabThemes’ free themes with better aesthetic quality but completely free. However, the themes here are only allowed for personal use.

Websites to download the best free WordPress themes 15

Most of the themes here have the same design style, but you will have many options such as colors, depending on different themes so if you like this design style then this is the website for you.



Just like WordPressThemesBox above, DinoThemes is also a free theme library that shares the same design style. Most of the themes here will be for the needs of blogging and news websites.



Websites to download the best free WordPress themes 15

This itself is a site that sells WordPress themes, but if you notice, in its theme library there are many themes with the word FREE green and you can use it for free. The quality of the theme here is extremely good, don’t believe it, just check out some of its free themes like JustBlue, Bloggies, AccentBox,..etc.



If you still remember the Pinboard theme that I introduced, this is the mother of that theme. Not only does OneDesigns offer some great free themes, but OneDesigns also has a ton of WordPress tutorials and tips that are well worth reading.

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Websites to download the best free WordPress themes 15

ThemeGrill is quite a famous address for website building type themes that introduce businesses or products because it is the ColorMag and Spacious themes that have made their name. Take a look, maybe you will find some themes you like.

S5Themes is a project of a famous hosting provider Site5 which is considered as a host with high speed, many server centers around the world. The themes here have a very beautiful and artistic design, so it will be a waste if you don’t visit.

Those are some reputable theme providers that I follow every day. Hopefully with the above addresses you will have more options in the process of finding a beautiful, suitable and inexpensive theme. If you know of any other sites that provide free themes, please help me complete the list above. Hope you find a theme you like best soon.

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Websites to download the best free WordPress themes 15

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