The latest Fantasy Figure Code and how to enter the code

What game is Figure Fantasy?

Perhaps until now, the genre of fighting generals is no stranger to mobile game players. However, game publishers always think of differences so that players feel the unique characteristics of each of these games.

Figure Fantasy from Komoe Technology is one of hundreds of thousands of mobile games in the familiar turn-based chess genre. But the game also has a unique feature when it turns the characters in the game to become tiny and adventure together to a normal world.

You will deploy your squad in a 3×3 arena, where you can place appropriate positions such as Vanguard, Defender, Support, Attack and Expert in your squad.

Like many other mobile games, Figure Fantasy also supports new players with game codes like Anime Attack Simulator code, Legends Re Written code, code, Tower Defense Shinobi code… Below is a list of codes

Latest Fantasy Code Figures

Code Reward
300 diamonds, 60 super blind boxes and 100k coins (NEW)
500 clover, 100k coins and five advanced cards
300 diamonds, 100k coins and 60 blind boxes
300 diamonds, 100k coins and 60k blind boxes

Is there a limit to Code Figure Fantasy?

Figure Fantasy codes will have an expiration date and they will have an expiration date instead of an input like in many other games.

How to enter the Fantasy Figure code

Step 1: First to enter the Figure Fantasy code, select the Settings icon with a cog in the upper right corner.

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code figure fantasy

Step 2: In the Settings interface, select Redeem Pack.

code figure fantasy

Step 3: Then enter one of the codes above into the box and select Done.

code figure fantasy

Step 4: If the code is still valid, you will see a message Pack redeemed.

code figure fantasy

Step 5: Back on the home screen, select the Mail icon next to the Bag icon.

how to enter fantasy figure code

Step 6: Select the message you just received from the giftcode, or you can quickly receive the entire message by selecting the button Quick Claim.

enter fantasy figure code

With general gifts, you have to click on it to see the details of what is in the gift.

latest fantasy figure code

If you want to check the reward received from the giftcode, you can select the Item Bag icon next to the . icon Letters to review the received gift.

latest fantasy figure code

Currently, the gifts from the Figure Fantasy giftcode are mostly in-game currency and blind box pieces. The amount received in the giftcode will help players upgrade their characters more easily and pass the stage more easily.

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