The most detailed way to use TeamViewer from computers to phones

You probably already know how to use TeamViewer on your computer. But do you know how to use TeamViewer on Android phones as well as on iPhones and iPads. The following article will guide you.

TeamViewer is one of the first priority software to install on the computer after reinstalling Windows. Many people still do not understand what this software is for and how to use it later. The following is an article to answer the question of what TeamViewer is used for and How to use TeamViewer on different devices GhienCongListen can be synthesized.

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What is TeamViewer used for?

TeamViewer is a software used to remotely control computers or phones via the Internet, deploy online meetings, provide remote technical support to help reduce the time of customers and businesses in warranty or repair. repair equipment.

How to use TeamViewer on the computer.

When opening TeamViewer for the first time, you will receive a permission notice that allows TeamViewer to access control of the mouse, keyboard or camera of the device.


At this time, the main interface of TeamViewer will display Your ID and Password. This is information so that other devices can connect to your computer.

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If you want others to control your computer, please send the information of these 2 items to them. Let them make a remote control connection to your computer in the following steps.

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After getting Your ID and Password information, right at the main interface of TeamViewer, enter Your ID just received in the Partner ID frame. Note, below the Partner ID input box, there are 2 options:

  • Check Remote control if you want to control the computer remotely.
  • Or select File transfer if you only want to access and retrieve data from the other computer.

After you have selected your connection purpose, press the . button Connect to initiate the connection.

How to use teamviewer on computer 2

A window will ask for a password to be able to access the computer, enter the Password that comes with the Partner ID of that computer. Press Log in.

After the connection is successful, you will be able to perform operations on another computer remotely as if you were sitting in front of that computer’s screen. There are several options on the top toolbar of the control window you can refer to such as:

  • End session is the end of the connection with the computer.
  • Lock is to lock that computer.
  • Reboot is to restart that computer.


Also on this toolbar the View tab will provide the ability to change the display screen size or screen resolution.

The Communicate tab provides the ability to communicate between two computers from messaging, voice calls to video calls.


The File & Extras tab provides functions for printing, taking screenshots, recording the screen or transferring data files.


How to use TeamViewer on the phone

With TeamViewer you can connect and remotely support mobile devices from one mobile device to another. Device users to control other mobile devices need to install TeamViewer: Remote Control version on their app store. And the person on the control device side needs to install the TeamViewer QuickSupport app.

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Here’s how to use TeamViewer for the two most popular mobile devices today, Android and iOS.

How to use teamviewer 10 How to use teamviewer 7

How to use TeamViewer on Android phones

To use Android devices control devices including computers or phones. Open the TeamViewer: Remote Control app and select the Connect tab below the screen. Enter the Partner ID of the device to be supported and then press REMOTE CONTROL.

How to use teamviewer 11

To use TeamViewer for supported devices, open the TeamViewer QuickSupport app on your Android phone and then copy the Your ID code on the app and send it to the person you want them to connect to your Android phone .

Instructions for using TeamViewer on iPhone

Using TeamViewer on iPhone requires the device to be running iOS 12 or later.

With the use of iPhone, iPad to control other devices remotely, there is no difference with the above methods. You will download the TeamViewer: Remote Control application from the App Store to your device. Run the application and enter the Partner ID and Password if available, then press REMOTE CONTROL to connect.

As for whether iPhone or iPad is a supported or controlled device, due to security issues on iOS, iPhone and iPad can only display the screen but cannot control the operation on the screen.

In order for other devices to be able to view the screen on your iPhone or iPad, download the TeamViewer QuickSupport application to your device. Then go to Settings > Control Center > add Screen Recording by clicking the plus sign.

The most detailed way to use TeamViewer from computers to phones

After adding Screen Recording to Control Center, open the TeamViewer QuickSupport app and copy the TeamViewer ID code and send it to the person who will see your screen.

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Please confirm the incoming connection request by Allowing or Denying if you do not want to share the screen display.

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Open Control Center by swiping up or down from the top right edge, then long press on the dot icon to expand Screen Recording, click TeamViewer and tap Start Recording.

To want to stop this sharing, you can tap the red stripe on the top edge or in the Control Center tap the red blinking circle icon.

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Above are GhienCongList’s instructions on how to use TeamViewer on supported devices. Sending information about ID and Password on your computer needs to be very careful to avoid being taken advantage of by bad guys to control or gain unauthorized data.

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