The reasons why you should choose Skyler over Hayato in Free Fire

Skyler may have made an impression when not released in Free Fire, and currently Skyler is in the top 5 favorite characters alongside Chrono and DJ Alok. Skyler has impressive skill and is very useful in battle.

Many people compare Skyler to Hayato and often say that Skyler outperforms this character in many different ways. Below is an explanation of why Skyler is more desirable than Hayato.

Skyler climbed better

skyler vs hayato

Skyler possesses an active skill called Destroying Ice City. Capable of destroying 5 glue bomb walls within a range of 50 meters. Skyler’s passive is that for each colloidal bomb, this character will restore himself a amount of health.

This skill by Skyler allows him to accelerate in Ranked mode and in Clash Squad. Skyler’s resilience, defense and break through ability is completely more flexible and powerful than Hayato.

Skyler’s resilience

skyler vs hayato

As mentioned above, Skyler can restore blood when using glue wall. In contrast, Hayato has no ability to restore HP because this character only increases the ability to penetrate the enemy’s armor when taking damage.

Skyler gives an edge over Hayato by giving players HP whenever using their glue wall skill.

Use it flexibly

skyler vs hayato

Skyler is a character that you can choose for either gameplay or passive or players who like to go to war.

In contrast, only those who enjoy regular fights can make good use of Hayato, while players who avoid fighting, Hayato’s skill is not very useful. So choosing Skyler will help you take on your enemies in any situation.

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