Thermaltake POSEIDON Z RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Thermaltake has been a well-known brand in the gaming & DIY market for PC Chassis, Coolers and Power Supplies for many years. The brand personality of being unique, aggressive, vivid and stylish makes Thermaltake an expert in creating exciting things and fascinating environments for gamers and enthusiasts. Tt eSPORTS inherited the brand personality with unique and creative designs by observing users’ behavior and demands. The fan cooling design on the Tt eSPORTS Challenger keyboard demonstrates the brand spirit. It is the first keyboard worldwide with a fan cooling function that could dry your sweaty hands and blow tension away during cutthroat competition.

About the Product

The product we are going to review is Thermaltake POSEIDON Z RGB Gaming Keyboard (Blue Switches Edition). It offers extreme customization options for users to play with, energizing you with the colors to take gaming style to the next level with experiencing the colorful of life. With the layering and colorbar concepts, our basic customizable backlighting has been evolved for extreme customization. It gives a spectrum of visual effects featuring 16.8 million colors and provided users the easiest way to tune and most importantly.

Specification and Features

The specifications and features of  the POSEIDON Z RGB are



Packaging and Unboxing

The POSEIDON Z RGB comes in rectangle shaped box which is quite sturdy .  On the front side of the box , the picture of the POSEIDON Z RGB is printed  along with the three main features which are RGB 16.8 Million Colors ,  Thermaltake Certified Blue Switches and Solid Five years warranty.

Poseidon 1

On the back side of the box , more of its features are explained along with the illustration of dedicated keys are shows specially for Media Purpose , Brightness Dim/High keys , Profile Switch Buttons .. A glimpse of POSEIDON Z RGB software is given so you get the idea that how to customize your keyboard with the help of provided driver which you can get from Tte Sports website.

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Poseidon 2

Once you open the box you will find the following items inside ,

  • Thermaltake POSEIDON Z RGB Gaming Keyboard
  • Warranty Policy Book
  • Installation Manual

Poseidon 3


Closer look at POSEIDON Z RGB

POSEIDON Z RGB is well built mechanical keyboard by Thermaltake Sports . The keyboard is heavy and sturdy in its built and have a very profession look . The blue switches beneath each key have very good and sturdy feeling too . The tactile response and the clicky sound of blue switches is heaven for those who prefer mechanical keyboard with type-writer sound ..


Poseidon 4

On the back side , there is nothing special .. A normal high grade non-detachable USB cord is found . There are total 5 rubber pads beneath POSEIDON Z RGB to hold in its place . Also once nice thing i have found is that they have provided extra 2 rubber pads in case if any of below wears out .

Poseidon 5

You might be thinking that there are no dedicated keys on the side or on the top of the numeric pad . Yes , the dedicated keys dont have a separate place on the keyboard . You can use these keys with the combination with the “Fn” key located near the Right CTRL key . The right side of keyboard have the Game Mode On/Off toggle switch . To the left of it are the indicators for the Num Lock , Caps Lock and other such specific keys . We have Brightness Control keys at Top. There are certain default created profiles which you can change by pressing keys located above the arrow keys with combination of Fn (Function key).

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Poseidon 6

On the left side , we have Media Player keys at the top and right next to it are the volume control keys which are again usable by pressing with in the combination with Fn Key . One thing i like about this keyboard that although the keyboard is very compact built but all the stand keys like Shift , CTRL , Alt are of standard sizes which i high appreciate in a gaming keyboard .

Poseidon 11

This version of POSEIDON Z RGB have Blue Switches , One thing i would like you to observe is that they are not Cherry MX switches .Yes guys for all of you out there who are fan of Cherry MX . This keyboard have Kailh Blue Switches which i must say are marvelous . They don’t feel very cheap or low quality . In fact you cant feel much difference . The quality is very good , the tactile bump , the register of key and the clicky sound feels very good . This keyboard also comes in Brown Switches , so if you dont want the clicky sound you should go for Brown switches . One thing you should note too is that it have a mirror finished at the bottom surface and separate RGB LED for each key which enhances the light .

Poseidon 8

Poseidon 12

In the End (Conclusion)

POSEIDON Z RGB is the second keyboard we have reviewed for Thermaltake and I must say that this keyboard surely keeps up to its price tag . The price is efficient as compared to other mechanical keyboards but the quality is maintained as well. The keyboard is very well built and have sturdy feeling . You can say by holding the keyboard in hands because of its weight and the feel of pressing keys which reflect the quality of switches used in it .

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The lightning system used in POSEIDON Z RGB is amazing as well . The RGB functionality is one of the best features of this keyboard and its very good as compared to other RGB keyboards . Also the five year warranty by Thermaltake Eliminates any worry about the keyboard malfunction or any other kind of error occuring .

In the end we are pleased  to announce that Thermaltake POSEIDON Z RGB Gaming Keyboard Review receives Extreme Buyer Award at TechTipsnReview for the Tough Design and Amazing Built Quality .


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