Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS MEKA G-Unit Illuminated Edition Gaming Keyboard Review

Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of PC cases, power supplies and cooling solutions. Its main headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan and Thermaltake has multiple manufacturing facilities in China .In 2009, Thermaltake launched a new consumer/lifestyle brand called LUXA2. The designs are much simpler and have a more luxurious look and feel than anything Thermaltake has created for the enthusiast market in the past. The full range includes HTPC products (Home Theatre Personal Computers) and Apple accessories among others.Thermaltake has sponsored professional gamers for many years and, in 2010, it used that experience to launch a new brand called Tt eSports which targets the needs of hardcore enthusiasts. The product line-up includes keyboards, mice and headsets with more products planned.





About the Product

Today we will be reviewing MEKA G-Unit Illuminated Edition Gaming Keyboard which is the advance version of the Meka G-Unit Mechanical keyboard having one prominent feature. the individual illuminated key , which is very usefully when you are sitting in dark places .. Also another plus point is  mechanical type of this keyboard and Cherry Black Switch is used which is very famous for its extreme use and long lasting capability . So without wasting any time lets head to the specs and features of this keyboard


General Specifications and Features 


The general specifications of the keyboard are following ,


meka specs



Also some of the salient features of this particular are ,


  • 104 keys including up to 60 programmable storage macro keys allow you to never miss the action
  • Built for comfort and durability, the Cherry Black switches on the MEKA G-Unit are set to last for 50 million keystrokes.
  • The MEKA G-Unit’s Instant-Switch-System (I.S.S.) allows for seamless transitions between gaming profiles for macro key adjustments.
  • Easily-accessible media keys for your music use are located on the top right of the keyboard.
  • With an LED under each individual key, the MEKA G-Unit Illuminated now brings style and night-time functionality straight to your desktop.
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Packaging and Unboxing


MEKA G-Unit Illuminated comes in rectangular black box , with a large picture of it printed on the front side of the box . Also some of its feature are printed on the bottom right side , including the quicker 8x response , 1000Hz polling rate , 60 Macros Keys and much more .

DSC02131 (Copy)

On the back side of the box , the detail diagram of the keyboard is printed to get a better idea of the keyboard .

DSC02133 (Copy)

Once you open the box , again you would find a diagram printed  . This diagram shows you the software interface for the Meka Keyboard . Also you can see  that there are some accessories included .

DSC02134 (Copy)

Once you open that pack , you would find the following items inside

– 2 Stickers

– Warranty Policy

-Drivers Disc

-Quick Installation Guide

-USB Cable along with Pouch

DSC02137 (Copy)

Also you will find palm rest for the keyboard and a cover bag for your keyboard , Its nice to see the keyboard carrying bag . This helps you protect the keyboard from scratches and dust .

DSC02140 (Copy)

Finally you have Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS MEKA G-Unit Illuminated Edition Gaming Keyboard  . The whole layout of keyboard is very amazing and trust me that the keyboard is very well built and the keys  are very responsive and very nice feeling to finger tips . We will look closely to this keyboard in our next segment .

DSC02142 (Copy)



A Closer look at the Keyboard


On the left side of the keyboard , you have your number pad . Also note that there are 4  multimedia keys on the top which include Previous , Play/Pause , Next and Stop Keys  .Also below these keys are the Volume up and Volume down along with mute and light intensity adjustment key which allows you to set the pattern of the light according to your own need.You also have your arrow keys along with the essential , delete , end and other keys .

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DSC02143 (Copy)

On the left side of the keyboard , on the top most you would find the 4 buttons . The first button is to switch between normal and gaming profile .  The Next three buttons are the profiles .  Note that there 12 dedicated macro keys from T1 to T12 . which can be programmed according to your need VIA the software .

DSC02144 (Copy)

The middle part of the keyboard is same as other keyboards . you have your standard  QWERTY layout . The size of the shift key on the left side is normal but we find one thing unusual is the size of the right shift key which is smaller and can be problem for new users .

DSC02145 (Copy)

On the one side of the keyboard , you have Microphone and Headphone port along with two USB2.0 Ports and small usb port to power up the keyboard .

DSC02148 (Copy)

Once you have connected the keyboard to the computer , it will light up and you will see the keyboard glowing just like in the below  picture.

The Tt logo glows in pulse pattern default .  The intensity of the light is very bright and will provide clear vision of every key in the night .

DSC02152 (Copy)

Below is the snapshot of the software for the customization of the MEKA keyboard , you can see on the top right that there are 3  profiles which you can set and then you can switch between these profiles VIA the profile switch button on the keyboard . Also you can set the configuration of the normal mode and game mode. Also you can set the Macro Keys and the Lightening option of  the keyboard.
Moreover you can assign command to launch a certain program to any key on the keyboard .

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software meka

Testing and Verdict

We did some simple tasks to test this keyboard out . The first one was to use this keyboard to write this review article and the second was to test this keyboard in gaming environment . And i must say that this keyboard performs quite good in both situations . We connected the keyboard to the gaming USB port which allows the keyboard to work on 1000Hz  polling rate , and i must say the keyboard works amazing and  fast.

In writing the article , the key is usually half pressed and the character is typed on the screen . The key stroke is precise and fast. Also the feeling of the cherry key is another plus point which allows you to write easily due to the good built quality of the key mechanism .

During our gaming session , we used the dedicated key for our macros combination . We ran Counter Strike and DOTA 2 which are the most played games in the gaming community and i must say that the macros are easily managed on this keyboard . and they will surely help you in the gaming . Also you dont have to worry about damaging your keyboard when you press the key hard .. Just play hard and win the game … Thermaltake has already cared about the durability of the keyboard using the cherry black switch are which are very durable and more tougher than standard key switch.

In the end  ,  We are gratified to announce that Tt eSPORTS MEKA G-Unit Illuminated Edition Gaming Keyboard from Thermaltake receives  Extreme Buyer Award at TechTipsnReview for amazing  built quality , enthusiastic design , and best performance among other keyboards tested on our platform .

Extreme Buy Award TTNR



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