Top 3 best selling 2-way inverter air conditioners this winter

For places where the weather is hot and cold like in the North, an air conditioner that integrates both cooling and heating features is extremely useful, helping to protect the health of the elderly and children. You are looking to buy an air conditioner for a room with an area of ​​​​15 – 20 m2, please refer to the models with a cooling capacity of about 12000BTU to ensure the best performance. Here are the top 3 best-selling 2-way Inverter air conditioners this winter that have been selected by to introduce to you.

Panasonic 2-way Inverter air conditioner 11900BTU CU/CS-YZ12WKH-8

The first place on the list is the air conditioner from the Japanese brand – Panasonic CU/CS-YZ12WKH-8. The product has affirmed its outstanding quality as well as its durable performance, bringing absolute peace of mind to users. Cooling capacity 11900 BTU, heating capacity 13100 BTU suitable for use in spaces with an area of ​​​​15 – 20 m2.

Panasonic 2-way Inverter air conditioner 11900BTU CU/CS-YZ12WKH-8

Thanks to the ability to separate cooling and heating, you will be completely assured of the health of the members, especially the elderly and children, suitable for places with a distinct temperature difference between hot and cold seasons. AI-integrated Eco mode combined with Inverter technology works smoothly, effectively cooling and saving electricity.

Panasonic’s exclusive Nanoe-G air filter system is capable of removing up to 99% of bacteria that adhere to objects in the room, including PM2.5 fine dust, preventing mold growth, and effectively deodorizing. return fresh, clean air to the room.

In addition, the air conditioner is also equipped with many convenient features, enhancing the user experience such as: Powerful mode for extremely fast cooling; Big Flap flaps bring cold air further; dehumidification function to maintain a dry space during the wet season; Control the machine’s operating time with the on-off timer function; Flexible temperature adjustment with night sleep mode…

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Daikin 2-way inverter air conditioner 11900 BTU FTHF35VAVMV

Not inferior to the above product, Daikin FTHF35VAVMV is also always in the top of 2-way air conditioners chosen by many wise consumers to help the whole family comfortably operate and work in all 4 seasons, regardless of hot weather. or cold. With elegant design, delicate lines combined with luxurious white tones contribute to creating outstanding accents for the interior space of your home.

Daikin 2-way inverter air conditioner 11900 BTU FTHF35VAVMV

Applying advanced inverter technology, Daikin air conditioners not only operate smoothly and reliably, but also save optimally, thereby reducing monthly electricity costs for your family. Improve cooling efficiency with 2-layer anti-corrosion coated fins – an acrylic resin that resists acid rain, salt, and a water-repellent layer, which protects the internal circuit boards well. In addition, this Daikin air conditioner is also equipped with a smart eye sensor, capable of detecting the movement of people in the room, thereby adjusting the appropriate temperature, avoiding wasting electricity. in the case of an unoccupied room.

Humid weather is not only uncomfortable but also very harmful to health, the Dehumidify dehumidification feature contributes to the rapid cooling of the room and minimizes the feeling of humidity. In addition, the Mold Proof function helps to dry the heat exchanger with a fan and neutralizes mold and allergens, thereby minimizing unpleasant odors. Remove most types of dirt, many allergens thanks to the Enzyme Blue filter and PM 2.5 filter.

Casper 2-way inverter air conditioner 12000 BTU GH-12TL32

If the above 2 air conditioners are slightly over your budget, the Casper 2-way Inverter 12000 BTU GH-12TL32 air conditioner will be a reliable suggestion for you. With a reasonable price, 2-way integration of modern heating and cooling, 12000BTU cooling capacity, this device will contribute to bringing comfort, fully meeting the needs of you and your family. The GH-12TL32 is equipped with a high-quality compressor that provides a very fast cooling effect, in just 30 seconds, and heating in just 60 seconds.

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Casper 2-way inverter air conditioner 12000 BTU GH-12TL32

i-Saving technology with intelligent operation mechanism adjusts the set temperature in a spiral pattern, so the compressor does not need to change operation too much when sudden temperature changes are required. When the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor will automatically reduce the operating frequency to reduce power consumption. Casper air conditioner is operated with a super-quiet mechanism, the noise level is reduced to a maximum of only 20dB, giving users a quiet, relaxing atmosphere and deeper sleep.

The innovative fin-shaped louver design increases air distribution efficiency, your room will be cooled faster, and feel more comfortable. Thanks to iClean technology, Casper air conditioners have the ability to automatically clean the intelligent indoor unit, ensuring hygiene and maintaining the effective cooling capacity of the machine.

A temperature sensor is equipped inside the remote, which helps to recognize the surrounding temperature, thereby intelligently and reasonably adjusting the temperature for the user to feel comfortable and without thermal shock. Air Fresh multi-way filter system helps remove dirt, bacteria and other harmful agents to bring fresh air.

Whether it’s hot or cold, feel free to enjoy the comfortable, pleasant atmosphere with 3 best-selling models of 2-way Inverter air conditioners this winter at If you have questions that need to be answered, do not hesitate to call the free sales consultation hotline immediately 18001788 for quick support.

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