Top 3 easiest and most accurate ways to check IMEI Samsung

Check IMEI Samsung to do?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a series of numbers printed on the box and outside of the case or in the sim tray or in the settings of the smartphone.

Checking IMEI is a method that smartphone users often do when they want to check the genuine origin of Samsung smartphones to avoid buying fake, fake, poor quality goods…

Users often check the Samsung imei when buying a phone, mostly when buying an old Samsung phone. So how many ways do we have to check Samsung imei, please refer to some ways to check Samsung phone imei below.

Check Samsung Imei outside the box

Usually, checking imei outside the box usually applies to newly unboxed devices. You just need to see the device’s imei stamp on the stamp affixed to the box as shown below. If you buy an old Samsung phone, there will usually be no box left and you will have to check in a few ways below.

check samsung imei

Check imei Samsung in Phone app

To check your Samsung phone imei using the Phone app, just go to Phone or Contacts app > select the keyboard icon and type *#06#. Soon you will see the device’s IMEI appear. This way you can check if the imei in the settings matches the outside of the box.

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check samsung imei

Check imei Samsung in Settings app

With how to check Samsung phone imei in settings app, you just need to open the app Settings > select Phone info. Here you will have all the information of the device such as serial number, Imei.

check samsung imeicheck samsung imei

Use to check Samsung phone imei

Website is a reliable support tool for users in checking phone imei. You just need to access the website address by clicking the link below.

Link to access

Then write the imei on the device’s settings or on the Samsung smartphone case and select Check. Soon you will see the device’s imei appear with a series of numbers classified by: TAC (Model and Origin Code) FAC (place of assembly) and then the device’s serial number (SNR) along with GSM Phase ( CD). Combined, they will be the serial number you just saw on the box, install or check with the code in the Phone app.

check samsung imei

Scroll down, you will see full information about the model you just checked. As well as the parameters and year of manufacture of the device.

check samsung imei

Check imei on Samsung phones with

Reaching the top list of the most accurate Samsung phone IMEI check website that you can use to check Samsung device information next is You can access homepage by following the link:

Similar to, using this website you can also check detailed information about the device you are using, the website system also supports you to easily check the device origin as well. as long as the companion time of this Samsung phone.

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In addition to the two websites above, Samsung users also have an application that helps to check information, check IMEI of mobile devices in detail and quickly, which is the Phone INFO application. This software has two versions, free and paid. But for the free version was able to help us test quite fully.

Phone INFO app for Samsung

After installing and opening the application, you will encounter the application interface with tabs containing different information. With this utility, you do not need to visit any website and still find information about the device you are looking for.

In addition to checking imei of Samsung phones, users are also very interested in checking iPhone imei. Because the demand to buy used iPhones of users in Vietnam is very high, but along with that is a lot of poor quality goods. So checking the iPhone imei will be essential to check if the iPhone you intend to buy has a replacement case or link.

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