Top air conditioners with the price range of 7 million VND worth buying in 2021

You are in need of buying an air conditioner but are still worried about being able to buy a suitable and quality product with a tight budget? Check it out now “Top 7 million VND air conditioner worth buying the most” at!

Electrolux 1-way Inverter air conditioner 12000BTU ESV12CRO-A3/A1

Electrolux 1-way Inverter 12000BTU ESV12CRO-A3/A1 air conditioner possesses a simple design but still has a sophisticated and modern look combined with elegant tones to enhance the elegance of your room space.

Equipped with a capacity of 12000BTU Electrolux air conditioner can meet the needs of effective cooling for rooms with an area of ​​​​15 – 20m2.

Salient features:

– Turbo fast cooling, providing an instant cooling sensation.

– Control the wind direction up and down, left and right automatically create a cool uniform space.

– iFeel intelligent temperature sensor brings cold space as desired.

– Eco sleep mode brings comfortable sleep all night for the whole family.

– HD dust filter is easy to remove and clean.

– The X-Fan self-cleaning function limits the musty smell.

– Pleasant wind blowing mode – do not blow the spear directly at the person, causing discomfort.


Daikin 1-way air conditioner 9300 BTU FTC25NV1V

Daikin 1-way air conditioner 9300 BTU FTC25NV1V / RC25NV1V is a popular line of air conditioners. Designed with a simple design combined with a subtle white color to match any interior space in your home.

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With a capacity of 9300BTU Daikin air conditioners can meet the cooling needs of rooms with an area of ​​​​under 15m2 such as bedrooms, offices…

Salient features:

– Powerful fast cooling mode brings cool space instantly.

– Dry mode dehumidifies, suitable for rainy and windy days.

– Corrosion-resistant fan blades to add durability to the outdoor unit.

– Gas R32 – deep cooling, environmental protection and user safety.


Gree 1-way Inverter air conditioner 9000BTU GWC09CA-K3D9C2I

Gree 1-way inverter air conditioner 9000BTU GWC09CA-K3D9C2I has a modern design with integrated LED screen to help you easily monitor the temperature in the room. The indoor unit is made from high-quality plastic materials that bring high aesthetic value and durability.

The micro dust filter on the Gree air conditioner will help remove dust and dirt in the air, helping the machine to bring fresher cold air. After each operation, the fan will run for another 2-3 minutes to dry the indoor unit, remove bacteria and mold, and protect your health.

You are tired of having to wake up late at night to turn off the air conditioner, the timer function to turn off the air conditioner will be a perfect way to solve this problem.

Thanks to the automatic mode of cleaning and drying the heat exchanger to prevent mold and bacteria growth.


TCL 1-way Inverter air conditioner 11940 BTU TAC-13CSI/KE88N

TCL 1-way Inverter air conditioner 11940 BTU TAC-13CSI / KE88N possesses a simple design that combines a yellow border to create accents on the body. With its compact design, it brings comfort and luxury to the room.

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Salient features:

– Integrated Inverter technology for effective power saving.

– Instant cooling at the touch of a Turbo button.

-, The dehumidifying function keeps the room dry and cool when the humidity is high.

– 3D air-swing technology brings cold air evenly throughout the room.

– More durable operation with Titan Gold heatsink.

– Sleep mode gives your family a good, smooth sleep, without worrying about catching a cold.


Sharp 1-way inverter air conditioner 12000BTU AH-X12VEW

Sharp 1-way Inverter 12000 BTU AH-X12VEW air conditioner is integrated with power-saving J-Tech Inverter technology, 7 protection features to ensure the safety of your family during use, helping to prolong the life of the unit. machine.

Salient features:

– Save electricity up to 65% thanks to J-Tech Inverter technology and Eco mode.

– Cooling 40% faster with Powerful Jet mode.

– Baby Sleep mode for gentle cold, quiet operation to help baby sleep well.

– Deeper cooling with R32 gas and the temperature down to 14 degrees Celsius.

– 7 protection features make the machine more durable over time.

– Auto-restart feature when power is on remembers existing modes, no need to reset.


Above is “Top 7 million dong air conditioner worth buying in 2021” would like to introduce to you. Hopefully, you will choose a quality air conditioner, suitable for the needs of your family.

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