Top Chinese learning software on Android phones

If you are interested in learning Chinese on your phone, then with the top Chinese learning software on Android phones will be the options where you can learn Chinese on your mobile device, let’s go with 9Mobi .vn learn this.
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Before, we went together to find out about the list of the best Chinese learning apps on iPhone, in this article will continue to send you a list of the top Chinese apps on Android that you can use.

Top Chinese learning tools on Android phones

The list of top Chinese learning apps on Android phones

We have the following Chinese learning apps on Android:

first. HelloChinese

Top Chinese learning tools on Android phones 2

First we will learn about HelloChinese application – Learn Chinese on Android phones. This is an application for learning Chinese for learners of many levels, especially the HelloChinese application is designed and optimized for learners at the beginner level so that you can get familiar with this language. In addition to interesting and attractive lectures, users can also experience exercises to familiarize themselves with and improve their knowledge of Chinese.

2. Chinese Skill

Top Chinese learning tools on Android phones 3

Next with the top list of Chinese learning software on Android phones, we will learn the Chinese Skill application for Android. This is an application that helps users learn Chinese pronunciation and words for beginners to the Chinese language. With the evaluation of the user’s Chinese learning process, the application will give appropriate lectures on pronunciation, writing kanji, and intonation to improve your learning best.

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3. Chinese Communication 3000 questions

Top Chinese learning tools on Android 4 phones

If you are looking for an effective Chinese learning software on Android phones, an app to learn Chinese to communicate, then this is the application that you need to download and use. The application has more than 3000 with 25 different topics including a lot of basic communication conversations to serve the diverse needs of users, from studying, traveling to working in China for you to quickly do. familiar with and fluent in this language.

4. 6,000 Words

Top Chinese learning tools on Android 5 phones

Next to the list of top effective Chinese learning apps on Android phones, we will move to 6000 Words for Android, a unique and simple Chinese learning application. Specifically, this application provides users with more than 6000 different words with many different levels for you to use to form Chinese with just your Android SmartPhone device. In particular, this application also provides more than 3000 interesting communication questions for you to improve your Chinese communication skills and level.

5. Chinese communication

Top Chinese language learning tools on Android 6 phones

Unlike the 3000-question Chinese Communication application that we have just learned above in the list of top Chinese learning software on Android, here we will be acquainted with topics with conversational question sets. It is very easy for you to exchange your reaction ability, get acquainted with Chinese with many different levels. You will be familiar with basic communication sentences such as Greeting, time, place, direction…. to more advanced topics in work and life so that you can master interesting languages. this taste.

So we’ve just come together to find out about a list of interesting and interesting Chinese learning apps for you to explore this language. And hopefully with the above applications will help you improve the process of learning Chinese and quickly improve your level.

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Besides, if you are also looking for an application to learn English to communicate on Android and iPhone mobile devices. Then invites you to refer to the list English pronunciation practice app the best way for you to have easy access to this common language.

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