[Tư vấn] Should I use Windows 10?

[Tư vấn] Should I use Windows 10?

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Well, since yesterday, there have been more than a dozen emails sent to me with content around Windows 10, and questions like this a lot:

Should I use Windows 10? “
“I’m using Windows 7, very smooth. But seeing you share so much about Win 10, should you go up? “
“Is Windows 10 okay to play Game? “
“Are you afraid of an error when upgrading Windows 10?”
………… .. etc and clouds!

Since the Windows 10 Spring Creators article I shared with you, the more I get such questions. Probably because the readers find there are so many attractive features, but fear that when it comes to Windows 10, it will no longer be stable as the current operating system you are using ?

I think it must be like that. For those of you who are less computer-savvy, you are really afraid to touch Windows, just afraid of errors. I was like that in the past so I understand very well ?

And in this article I will give my personal opinion about Windows 10, and will guide you how to upgrade to Windows 10 in the safest way.

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Should I use Windows 10?

I. Should I use Windows 10?

Well, back to the main question I want to discuss with you in this article is “ Should I use Win 10?

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1 / For personal computers

In my personal opinion it is: HAVE

For personal computers, I encourage you to switch to Windows 10 operating system to use now. As I said in the previous article, Windows 10 is the perfect combination between Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1.

I switched to Windows for a long time now, and it gives a really great experience! There are many new and modern features that are updated regularly and continuously.

If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 then I think it’s time you upgrade to Windows 10 to use it better. Because from Windows 8 and 8.1, the Full Disk 100% error has appeared, and the configuration to use Windows 8 and 8.1 is no different from the configuration to use Windows 10.

And for those of you using Windows 7, it is different. You have a good reason to wonder between Windows 7 and Windows 10 than. Because on Windows 7 there is no obnoxious Full disk 100% error.

So you need to consider it more carefully. If your computer has a low profile then it is perfectly reasonable to be quiet with Windows 7. As for well-configured computers, there is no reason not to upgrade to Windows 10 to experience at all!

Read more of this article to see which Windows operating system your computer is suitable for: How to choose the Windows version that matches the computer configuration.

2 / For office computers

For an office computer, changing the operating system will involve quite a few other things so you should consider it.

Because with an office computer, you don’t have to use a single computer. It also involves setting up a printer, connecting to other computers on the same LAN, sharing a printer, sharing files over LAN… ..

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Well, if you have enough knowledge to handle the above problems, you can upgrade to Windows 10 to use, and provided that the computer is configured well enough ?

II. How to safely upgrade to Windows 10?

Yes, in general I have upgraded quite a lot of computers to Windows 10 and have not had any computer error when upgrading.

HOWEVER: It does not mean there is no risk. If you are a careful person, you can do an extra step of backing up the operating system so that if unfortunately the upgrade fails or after upgrading to Windows 10, you are bored, you can return to the operating system. the old onions you are using in the fastest way.

+ Step 1: Create a Backup file (ghost version) for the current Windows operating system. You can refer to the following tutorial:

Do it now on Windows: How to create and extract ghost files with Onekey Ghost is detailed and easy to understand

Or do in Mini Windows (recommended): Guide Ghost, create Ghost file, install Win .. in Mini Windows (WinPE)

=> OK, after successfully Backup the operating system, now rest assured, you can restore Windows in a very safe way.

+ Step 2: Perform the upgrade to Windows 10.

There have been many tutorials that I have shared with you on how to upgrade to Windows 10, you can choose the one that you feel easiest to do for you to do it:

=> After upgrading to Windows 10 is complete, do not forget to link to your Microsoft account to get a Digital license. You can see instructions here!

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III. Some notes before installing Windows

If you already know how to install Win, do not say what to do, and for those who do not know or do not know the steps to install Win, please read carefully the instructions that I have shared with you before. . In general, we need to prepare in advance, right, don’t read while doing it, it’s time to make mistakes ?

An article covering all the knowledge you need: What to do before installing Win?

And after upgrading or installing Windows 10 successfully, you can refer to the entire series of Windows 10 manuals to be able to master this operating system!


The article instead of the answer is also quite complete, right ? I will add more when I have better ideas and knowledge.

And closed, The answer is YES, if you ask me about Should I use Windows 10? Please !

OK, are you using Windows 10? How do you rate Windows 10 at the present time? Let’s discuss to give the advantages and disadvantages of this operating system so that everyone has a more accurate and different view.

Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you success!

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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