Turn off predictive texting on LG G4

Predictive keyboard LG G4 helps you to compose messages quickly and accurately to send to your friends; however sometimes you will also feel annoying while using in this case turn off prediction.
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Turning off prediction on LG G4 is the same as turning off prediction on LG G3 that you may have read before. Let’s follow the following article of TechtipsNReview.com to better understand the steps.


Similar to screen capture LG Users can turn off prediction when composing messages without having to Root or use a 3rd app.

Step 1: You enter Settings – Setting => Language & input – Language & input

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Step 2: Select LG Keyboard or 3rd party keyboard.

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Step 3: In the section Suggestions fromSuggest you turn it off.

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So with simple operations, you can turn off prediction on LG G4. In addition, you can refer to the tutorial article Using Knock Code on LG G4 that we have done before.

Source: Turn off predictive texting on LG G4
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