Turn Windows 10 Start Menu interface into Start Menu Win 7

Turn Windows 10 Start Menu interface into Start Menu Win 7

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As you all know, the Start Menu on the Windows 10 operating system is an item that we use very often, especially every shutdown, most of us will adopt this Start button.

Unlike the simplicity on Windows 7, the Start Menu on Windows 10 has been brought into a lot of Apps and applications to improve user experience, from games on Stores, to News, Mail, Weather … and dozens of other application that we never seem to touch.

Generally speaking, each person uses one, if you are someone who regularly works with the Start button on Windows 10, it is very useful, because you can customize the Start button on Windows 10 easily, you have You can add the applications that you often use here to make it easier to use each time.

However, if you like simplicity. You want the Start Menu button on Windows 10 as simple as the Start Menu on Windows 7, this is the article for you.

In this article I will show you how Turn Windows 10 Start Menu interface into Windows 7 with software START10. If you are interested, please continue with me to follow the content below!

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#first. Introduction of software START10

As I said at the beginning, START10 is a software whose main function is to turn the Start Menu interface of Windows 10 into a Modern style or the style of the Start Menu of Windows 7, very simple and easy to manipulate, plus add a few more features.

START10 and Stardock Fences The famous off-screen icon arrangement software is all developed by Stardock Corporation – A company producing custom Windows software from the UK.

Menu-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (10)

Check out some key features of the software Stardock Start10:

  • Support Windows 7 Start Menu interface (sure)
  • Modern Start Interface – Modern.
  • Support Windows 10 Start Menu interface
  • Advanced, detailed style options …
  • And some features bla … petty blah.

+ Step 1: You visit their home page at the address https://www.stardock.com/products/start10/=> and select Try it Free! to download the trial version because the software is available for $ 4.99.

interface-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (1)

+ Step 2: After downloading the file, double-click the file *.exe just about to install the software on your computer => select I accept to the terms of license agreement => then press Next

Menu-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (2)

Remember to leave the tick in place Install Groupy otherwise it will automatically install additional software Groupy team work something. It’s gone Next continued.

Menu-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (3)

+ Step 3: Select the installation location, you can choose another installation directory if you like, otherwise leave the default => then choose Next to start the installation on the machine.

Menu-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (4)

+ Step 4: Once installed, it will open the software itself, you click the button Start 30-day free trial to activate the trial within 30 days.

If you have a license key or feel satisfied when using it, you can buy it for permanent use and support the developer.

interface-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (5)

+ Step 5: Enter your email, remember to enter it correctly, do not enter it indiscriminately to get the confirmation link, then select Continue for the system to send confirmation link to your email.

interface-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (6)

This is the content Mail that Stardock sent us, you click Active 30 days Free Trial to activate 30 day software trial.

Menu-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (7)

After activation, the program will automatically start up and you will see the interface as shown below:

Menu-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (8)

There are styles available for you to choose, you can choose any Style do you like. Here I will choose to try Windows 7 Style Let’s see.

Menu-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (9)

Yes, immediately your Windows 10 Start Menu will turn into the interface of the Start Menu of Windows 7, you can click on Windows 10 Menu to return to the Windows 10 Start Menu.

Menu-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (11)

Back to the software, we will have 3 types of Start Menu:

  • The first is Windows 7 as above.
  • The second style is Modern Style.
  • And the third one is Windows 10 Style (default).

Now I’m going to try the second one – Modern Style (horrible: P)

Menu-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (12)

I will choose Windows 7 Style as I said in the title, other than that Which Theme do you want to use ? – Which theme do you want to use?

Then there are 4 for you to choose as in the picture. I personally like the one Shadow Most by seeing it dimly: V

Menu-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (13)

Right below is the custom Start icon, there are quite a few templates available for you to choose from. Alternatively you can use your own image to replace the existing one. Pretty cool for you to try @@

User-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (14)

Switch to tab Appearance, we have a few settings on display, in this section, you learn more yourself, if you do not understand, just Google Translate!

Menu-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (15)

Menu-interface-menu-start-windows-10-bar-menu-start-win-7 (16)


Yes, so I have just introduced you to a support software turn Windows 10 Start Menu into Windows 7 Start Menu Alright.

This is really a great software for those of you who like simplicity, and have a bit of nostalgia about the operating system that Microsoft is about to stop supporting.

In general, it’s fine, but this is a paid software, you need to spend money to use it permanently. But I think it is worth it, because on the Internet today, when you search, there are quite a lot of free support software, but perhaps you will find it difficult to find a software like this START10 software.

Hopefully this article will be useful for you. Good luck !

CTV: Nguyen Thanh Tung – techtipsnreview

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