[Tuts] How to transparent the Taskbar on Windows 10 safe

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Applies to Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10

The Taskbar on Windows is the area that displays the active programs of the computer and in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 versions, the Taskbar has been tweaked so that users can have a more enjoyable experience.

Do you like the transparency effect of Taskbar on Windows 10, but this transparency effect is affected by color, or are you simply afraid that effect will slow down your computer? Simply because you have a computer with a not very powerful configuration?

OK. Do not worry, in this article techtipsnreview will guide you how to make the Taskbar transparent by software. TranslucentTB , it is extremely gentle and stable.

Download TranslucentTB software

You can download the software TranslucentTB follow one of the following links.

Link Mediafile / Link Fshare / Link Github

Instructions to make the taskbar transparent Windows 10/8

+ Step 1: After downloading the software TranslucentTB on your computer, right-click on the file TranslucentTB.zip => choose to unzip the file, you will get the following files:

How-to-do-in-suot-taskbar-on-win-10 (1)

+ Step 2: Run the file TranslucentTB.exeImmediately, the Windows Taskbar will turn dimmer than usual.

How-to-do-in-suot-taskbar-on-win-10 (2)

+ Step 3: To make the Taskbar completely transparent, please click the arrow mark on the Taskbar to expand => click the icon of TranslucentTB => Select Clear.

Now the Taskbar on Windows 10 or Windows 8 / 8.1 will completely disappear as shown below.

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How-to-do-in-suot-taskbar-on-win-10 (3)

+ Step 4: For every restart of Windows 10, the Taskbar is always automatically transparent and does not need to turn on the software manually, please do as follows:


Open the Run window (by pressing the key combination Windows + R ) => and type in the command shell:startup => press OK to perform.

How-to-do-in-suot-taskbar-on-win-10 (4)

Folder Startup The programs that start with Windows will appear, please copy the file TranslucentTB.exe in the unzipped folder at the beginning of the post here => then select Paste Shortcut Please .

How-to-do-in-suot-taskbar-on-win-10 (5)

Continue, right-click on the file TranslucentTB.exe – Shortcut => and select Properties.

How-to-do-in-suot-taskbar-on-win-10 (6)

Window TranslucentTB.exe – Shortcut Properties appear. Section TargetLet’s add text --transparent at the end => then press Apply and OK to save.

How-to-do-in-suot-taskbar-on-win-10 (7)

=> This action will help TranslucentTB can start with Windows, at the same time The Taskbar will be turned transparent as soon as you turn on your computer.


Yes, with such simple operation The Taskbar on your computer becomes transparent Absolutely. It’s beautiful, lightweight without slowing down your computer.

In addition to the way I just instructed above, if you are using software or an application with similar functions that works in a stable and gentle way, please share comments below.

Wish you success and have a satisfied Taskbar!

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