Use the Comment feature to comment and comment in Word

Comment – ​​an English word used by a lot of young people, no matter where you use it, you probably already know it, right? Yes, that’s Facebook.

This feature is one of the “cool” features of Facebook, it allows people to interact with each other through comments.

Similar to Facebook, Microsoft has also integrated the Comment feature for its text editor application.

Comment feature in Word also allows users to comment, comment, suggest, explain, … but about the content contained in the text..

+ Step 1: Select / highlight the text where you want to insert a comment..

comment-in-word (1)

+ Step 2: Choose card Review => in group Comments you’ll choose New Comment.

comment-in-word (2)

+ Step 3: Enter a comment and you’re done..

comment-in-word (3)

Select Reply to reply to other people’s comments and follow the above steps again to insert comments for other pieces of content you want.

Comments command group in the tag Review gives us all 7 commands (Delete contains 3 commands) as shown below:

comment-in-word (4)

  • Delete delete the current comment.
  • Delete All Comments Shown delete all displayed comments.
  • Delete All Comments in Document delete all comments in the document.
  • Previous Skip to previous comment.
  • next Skip to comment afterwards.
  • Show Comments Show comments.

Option Show Comments only available when Simple Markup is the option of Display for Review. Observe the picture below you will clearly see the difference when not selected and when selected Show Comments

comment-in-word (5)

My personal opinion is to encourage you to turn on Show Comments. Because when you turn on this option, it will be easier for you to insert, view and reply to comments..

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In case your text has one or several comments, no problem, we can easily control it. But when there are hundreds of comments it’s a different story..

Specifically, when there are too many comments, these comments will occupy a large part of the editing page. In addition, it also distracts us, confuses us, wastes unnecessary time..

The solution here is that we will temporarily hide these comments, when needed, we will customize them to show up. Specific steps.

Choose card Review => in group Tracking => choose Show Markup => uncheck at line Comments go and done.

comment-in-word (6)

In Show Markup In addition to the option to hide/show comments, it also has a more commonly used option, which is Balloons.

This option will have 3 sub-options Show Revisions in Balloons, Show All Revisions Inline and Show Only Comments and Formatting in Balloons

I can’t translate it or describe its meaning to you because it’s quite confusing and lengthy. Instead, you just need to select it and try it out, you can immediately understand its meaning.

For example, the picture below is the difference between Show All Revisions Inline and Show Only Comments and Formatting in Balloons

su-dung-tinh-nang-comment-in-word (7)

Looking at the image on the left, we see that there are two abbreviated clusters as NN1 and NN2. Its meaning is

  • NN is the abbreviation of the user account, here Nhut Nguyen
  • twelfth is the number of comments

#4. Epilogue

Okay, so we’ve just learned about how to use the comment feature in Word in a pretty detailed and complete way. In general, it is not difficult at all, just a little trick to help you use it more effectively.

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Whether the features in application software in general or the Comment feature in Word in particular are useful or not will largely depend on the user’s usage.

Why is that so? Because these features are mostly useful. Saying that so that you understand that “knowing” is not difficult, in what case is it reasonable to apply it? In what and where?

For example, this Comment feature, you can use it in lesson plans, contracts, drafts, etc. In general, in those that are not yet Final, those that are still waiting for comments, suggestions …

Goodbye and see you in the next posts!

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