Useful tips to help organize bookmarks in the browser

We all save specific websites, articles and pages, to keep our funny online videos, bookmark our favorite shopping sites and references.

The list is getting bigger and bigger, and everyone has a different way of organizing these bookmarks. Bookmarks can easily get out of hand, unless you put them in the right place right after saving.

But what is the best way to store and organize them? Here are some creative ways to do this, depending on your usage and browser.


Get started with the bookmarks bar

Taking a look at this handy little area of ​​the browser is the best way to start getting things organized. This is where the most used bookmarks are stored (the websites you visit every day).

Whether it’s your fancy news website, email client, or office intranet, make sure this convenient tool is clean and ready to go. Just a tip, changing the names of those bookmarks can also save you space and save more bookmarks.

Plus, if you have favicons (shortcut icons) for web pages, you may not need to name your bookmarks, so you’ll have more space to store other ones. You can also put your most used folders or even all the folders you have (if you don’t have too many) here, and you can easily access all your bookmarks. mine.

Bookmarks bar

The bookmark bar is easily customizable in most browsers. However, in Safari, it works a little differently because it’s displayed as a sidebar that you can hide or show.

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Once you have the bookmarks bar configured the way you want, you can arrange the bookmarks into their own structure. How to do it is up to you, and you can refer to some helpful suggestions below.

Sort by A, B, C

Many people like to arrange their bookmarks in alphabetical order, and this structure is often used by individuals who want things to be properly organized. Whether you decide to incorporate folders into the structure or not, listing the saved items in alphabetical order also has certain effects.

In order from A to Z, you can quickly access the website you want. The trick to this method is that when you save your next bookmark, make sure its name is correct. Often, when saving an article or web page, the default name that appears may mean nothing.

For example, when you look at the list below, you can see that bookmarks about a restaurant start with “http” by default or phrases like “Welcome to” and “Daily specials”. This won’t help much when searching for any of these restaurant names. So just remember to save your bookmarks with a name that makes sense and can help you easily find them in a long list.

Sort by A,B,C

Sort by topic

Another popular way is to organize your bookmarks by topic or category like music, online shopping, financial institutions and local services, etc.

If you want to make things even clearer, you can also create additional subfolders. For example, if you want to visit a certain restaurant again, you can create subfolders like Restaurants, Recipes and Cooking Shows in the Food folder. Then, in the Restaurants folder, you can create additional subfolders like American, European, and Seafood. However, if you decide to create subfolders, use a thematic structure.

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Sort by topic

Sort in a more intuitive way

There are many people who want to organize their items more visually through colors or icons, rather than words. If you are such a person, then sorting bookmarks by color will be a perfect choice. While this won’t be possible in Safari because the icons don’t show up in the sidebar, you can still apply it to other browsers.

For example, you know that Facebook’s logo is blue, Google+’s icon is red, and Vine’s is green. If you prefer to sort by color, instead of using the Social folder to bookmark these sites, this is how you do it.

Create folders for each primary color: Blue, red, and green. Then create one more folder to hold icons with the same color but in different shades (eg dark blue, light blue). Move your bookmarks into each folder based on their primary favicon color.

Intuitive sorting

Next, if you like, you can organize those bookmarks by subfolders, alphabetically, by topic, or some other method you like. This method may seem strange to many people, but in fact, some people react to colors faster than writing, so this method will be very useful.

Sort bookmarks in order of use

Another way to keep bookmarks organized and easily accessible when needed is to structure them according to their intended use. What does that mean? Similar to how you organize your bookmarks bar from left to right in order of daily use, you can also structure your other bookmarks in the same way.

Sort in order of use

This is a real life example of online shopping for your pet supplies. When you want to buy pet supplies, you usually visit 5 different websites to find the best products. The order of visits is Amazon first, Petco second, third, and so on.

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So why not sort your bookmarks in order of use? This method probably won’t work if you have a huge list of unsorted bookmarks, but it will be useful when the bookmarks are organized in folders and subfolders.

Bookmark tools

If you use Firefox and want help organizing your bookmarks, try the Auto-Sort Bookmarks utility. You can choose the sort order and configure the included folders. For example, you can include folders in your toolbar, but exclude them in your uncategorized bookmarks.

Bookmark tool

Alternatively, you can try using the 404 Bookmarks utility. For more details, please refer to the article: How to manage bookmarks on Firefox.

In Chrome, you can use the Bookmark Manager extension from Google.

Alternatively, you can manage bookmarks manually. Details are in the article: Instructions for effective self-management of bookmarks on Chrome.

When you select the star icon from the address bar, you can select the bookmark location and even add a note. If you want to see all your bookmarks in a grid, list, or want to edit them, just click View All Bookmarked Items.

Add notes

There are some people who don’t bother to organize their bookmarks, either they don’t have many bookmarks or they don’t want to spend time rearranging them.

If you prefer to arrange bookmarks in a particular way, would you use one of the methods above? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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