Using NHV-BOOT to BACKUP and RESTORE Windows (*.TIB)

Yes, on the blog, Admin and collaborators have shared a lot of tutorials on how to create ghost files with Acronis True Image software.

And the way to use the versions is relatively similar, I mean the versions of the Acronis True Image software. That is, as long as you know how to use one version, you can apply the same to other versions.

However, in this article, I will still show you how to Restore and Backup Windows with Acronis True Image software included in the NHV-BOOT rescue toolkit.

In fact, the usage is no different, but I want to dive into the NHV-BOOT toolkit so I still want to rewrite it completely


After creating USB BOOT with NHV-BOOT done => you access Mini Windows to start using.

#first. How to Backup (backup) Windows with Acronis True Image (*.TIB)

+ Step 1: You open the MiniTool Partition Wizard software (this software is on the WinPE desktop). Here I will explain more to you about the partitions that need to be backed up.

As you can see, Disk 1 is in the format of GPT => so your computer is running in UEFI standard.

We will need to back up 2 partitions, which are:

  • FAT32 (100MB): This is the boot partition, the EFI partition.
  • C: This is the partition containing the operating system, usually the C . drive

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (1)

+ Step 2: Okay, after determining the partition to backup, then open the Acronis True Image software.

In this tutorial, I will use the 2014 version of Acronis True Image, because in my opinion, this version is very good and faster than the Acronis True Image 2021 version.

You can use Acronis True Image 2014 version + MiniTool Partiton Wizard 10, this will be a perfect combination for computer rescue 🙂

Because after a long time of use, I found that MiniTool Partition Wizard 10 version is fast and not as annoying as MiniTool Partition Wizard 12 version.

For computer rescue tools, it is not necessary that all software is the latest, as long as it works fast, stable and effective.

Both of these software have been taken out by the author on the Desktop (for the toolkit I am using, in the future, newer versions are unknown).

Okay, now you open the software Acronis True Image 2014 on the Desktop => select My Disks to select backup partition

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cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (2)

+ Step 3: For UEFI-standard Windows, you need to back up at least 2 partitions for Windows to work.

The first is the partition EFI (formatted as FAT32) is usually 100MB in size. The second is the partition containing the Windows operating system, which is usually the drive C. As in Step 1 I saw it.

Please note that you can select those 2 partitions for backup, if you are missing one of them, you can’t extract the backup file.

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (3)

+ Step 4: Next, you click the Browse button..

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (4)

… and select the location where the backup file is saved.

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (5)

+ Step 5: This step, you just choose Create new backup archive as default => then press Next to continue.

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (6)

+ Step 5: It’s as simple as that, just press the . button Proceed to complete the Windows backup process.

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (7)

You wait for the process of creating a successful backup file, you will get a file with .TIB format, the speed of backup fast or slow will depend on the hard drive and hardware of the computer.

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (8)

So you have successfully created a Windows backup file with .TIB format already, very simple, right 🙂

#2. How to Restore (restore) Windows with Acronis True Image (*.TIB)

First, you need to delete 2 old partitions EFI (FAT 32 – 100MB) and C: Windows go first, (remember to copy the data in this partition to other drives if available).

In addition, if your hard drive has many partitions with a capacity of


+ Step 1: Open the MiniTool Partition Wizard software => then right-click on the partition to be deleted => and select Delete.

Read more: Instructions for using MiniTool Partition Wizard complete set

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (9)

Don’t forget to press Apply to apply the changes. After deleting, the hard drive partition will be Unallocated – ie unformatted.

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cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (10)

+ Step 2: Next, you open the Acronis True Image software on the Desktop and select My Disks in section Recover as shown below.

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (11)

+ Step 3: You press select Browse...

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (12)

.. and select the location to save the backup file (.TIB)

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (13)

+ Step 4: Then you press Next to move on to the next step.

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (14)

+ Step 5: Keep pressing Next.

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (15)

+ Step 6: Please select 2 partitions that you have backed up before, usually the drive partition C and boot partition EFI (FAT32)

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (16)

+ Step 7: Next, you choose New location...

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (17)

…. Then select the partition with the format Unallocated to extract the backup file => select Accept to perform.

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (18)

Continue pressing Next to set up further.

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (19)

+ Step 8: You continue to choose New location in this step..

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (20)

…. continue to select partition Unallocated

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (21)

=> Then click Next

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (22)

+ Step 9: The process of setting up the backup file has been completed, click the . button Proceed to start extracting the backup file to the set partition.

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (23)

And now is the hardest job, waiting until it’s done ^^

cach-su-dung-acronis-true-image (24)

#3. Epilogue

Well, that’s it, I have finished showing you how to use the NHV-BOOT computer rescue toolkit to do this. Windows OS backup and restore with Acronis True Image then ha.

The steps are not different from the instructions of the Admin at all, after writing it, I feel that I have a bit of time left 🙂 But I still hope you will like it so that I can continue to contribute to the blog 🙂

CTV: Thinh Nguyen – techtipsnreview
Edit by Kien Nguyen

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