What does the green leaf icon in Task Manager mean?

Since Windows 10 version 1909, Microsoft has added a lot of new features to Windows and if you pay attention, you will sometimes see a green leaf icon next to an application in the Task Manager window. .

This is also a new feature of Windows 10, so what is this green leaf icon? and what does it mean? Let’s find the answer through the article below!

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What does the green leaf in Windows 10’s Task Manager mean?

Simply put, this green leaf is a symbol that shows that the application is in a suspended state – Suspended, or in a familiar way it is Hang app.

So suspend operation what does that mean?

Yes ! It means that the application is opened by you or automatically opened on the Windows operating system, although it is still open but you do not use it for a certain period of time, it will automatically switch to Windows. Suspended state.

Like if you don’t use the computer for a certain amount of time then the computer screen goes into that standby mode.

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Purpose of work Suspended This is to reduce the computer hardware resources, such as CPU, RAM, GPU… that the application is using.

The second is to reduce power consumption on computers, increase battery usage time on laptops. And if you continue to pay closer attention, the applications are in the state Suspended These are all background applications such as Windows Shell Experience Host, Cortana, Windows Default Lock Sceen…

For example: In the picture below, I clicked open Windows Settings app Up to set up a little Microsoft account, but because I was busy watching Movies, I forgot and left Windows Settings hanging for a long time.

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And when I went back, opened Task Manager, I saw that next to Windows Settings there was a blue icon. That is, if you open any application but do not use it for a long time, it will automatically switch to this suspend mode!

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Okay, that’s as simple as that ^^

So through this article, you have understood the meaning of green leaf icon in Windows Task Manager okay then.

Hopefully after this article you will have more useful knowledge and understand more about the operating system you are using. Good luck !

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