What is Bibox floor? Instructions for registering and trading on Bibox

The Crypto market has continuously exploded and developed strongly in recent years, the exchanges have also grown much stronger to meet the trading needs of you. In this article, I will guide you to update how to register and trade on Bibox.

What is Bibox?

This is a cryptocurrency exchange originating from China. The good thing here is that the traffic and number of users are mostly Chinese.

Similar to Binance or Kucoin, Bibox has a similar way of working and is considered one of the world’s leading virtual currency exchanges today. Bibox exchange is created and developed by leading Chinese blockchain and currency researchers including 2 co-founders of OkCoin and Huobi team members.

Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of Bibox:


  • The exchange was established in September 2017: the long history of operation after many years of the Crypto market development proves that the attraction to users of Bibox is still very large.
  • The exchange has issued its own coin with the symbol BIX.
  • The transaction fee is as low as 0.1%. If using BIX to pay the fee, it is only 0.05% (Very similar to Binance).
  • There is already a mobile trading app for Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Popular trading pairs like BTC,ETH,USDT especially USDC pair, zone for Defi tokens, innovation token.
  • Simple, easy listing verification: Listing verification just got easier on the Bibox marketplace. After verifying the listing, you can withdraw up to 30 BTC/day but if you can’t identify it, you can still trade 2 BTC/day.
  • High security: Bibox security system is designed to be multi-layered and stable to ensure complete security for users to transact information.
  • Multiple Applications Support: You can use Bibox on Web, mobile, PC, html5, webchat or with AI trading assistant.
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  • The number of coins listed on the exchange is limited.
  • Few people know it, mainly Chinese people use it.
  • Support time is quite slow.

Judging by, I feel that this Bibox exchange really has many similarities with Binance. The only thing is that Bibox has not really promoted marketing to potential customers outside of China. Hopefully Bibox will become the Poloniex Killer just like the Bittrex Killer is Binance.

Instructions to register for a Bibox account

First, you access: https://link.Techtipsnreview.net/go/bibox.

Then you fill in all the information to register an account, including: Email, password and click Sign up.

Bibox system will send you the code via email confirmation, you just need to enter this code to complete the registration:

Note: Confirmation email from Bibox may go to Spam folder. You should check carefully!

So you have registered your Bibox account and can start trading Bitcoin/Altcoins already!

Important: The withdrawal limit of the account is 2 BTC, guys. To increase the limit, you need to verify the identity for the account.

2-layer security for Bibox accounts

According to my personal experience, Bibox is extremely interested in security because:

  • As soon as you log in, you will have to enter the verification code via email to be able to continue logging in.
  • There will be 2 security steps: Google Authy and Funds Password (password when you withdraw money).

For Google Authy:

In the account section, you click on the line “Google Authenticator”. Then the system will display a QR code and Backup key.

You should keep these things carefully in case your phone is damaged or lost, you can still restore and access your normal Bibox account.

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After scanning the QR Code, enter the 6-digit code in box 4 “Enter Google Authenticator Code” then you need to enter your password in box 3 “Enter Login Password” and press Confirm.

Notice to enable 2-layer security for successful accounts.

For Funds Password:

You click on the word set Funds Password.

Then you enter the password in the box “Set Funds Password” (In my opinion, you should always enter the password when logging in to make it easy to remember).

Next in the Safety Verification box, enter your login password.

And in the last box, enter the Google Auth code and click Confirm.

Notice that set Funds password is successful.

Instructions for verifying the identity of Bibox exchange

After identity verification, your Bibox account will be increased the withdrawal limit from 2 BTC to 20 BTC per day. To start the brother verification follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the Verification tab next to the Account tab.

Step 2: You need to fill in the information completely. As follows:

  • Region: Select other country.
  • Name: Enter the correct name in the Passport/ID card.
  • Country: Select Vietnam.
  • Passport/ID Number: Enter your Passport/ID card number.

  • In the Cover of Passport/ID card section: Upload the front cover of your Passport/ID card.

  • In the Biographical page of Passport/ID card: Upload the inside of your Passport/ID Card.

Finally: You need to take a photo of yourself with your Passport/ID card and a piece of paper with the words Bibox + current date.

After the upload is complete, you can check the information again for accuracy. Then press Submit.

Notice that your account has been added to the verification waiting list. Please wait patiently for a few days for verification to complete!

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After verification, your account will have a message like this:

Instructions for buying and selling Bitcoin/Altcoin on Bibox

Here I will take the Bibox exchange coin as BIX as an example. For other coins, you can trade similarly.

Before buying any coin you need to have Bitcoin. That means you need to load Bitcoin into your account to buy the coins you need to buy. Specifically here is Bibox Coin (BIX).

To deposit Bitcoin, you access bibox.pro or go to the funds section, select a coin and transfer money to the normal transaction.

At the end of the Bitcoin line, you choose Deposit to get a Bitcoin wallet.

After transferring Bitcoins to the wallet. You go to Token Trading to choose the Altcoin you want to buy. Here I choose the BIX/BTC pair.

The trading interface will appear as shown below.

Let me explain a bit:

  • The chart in the middle: The chart helps you track how the coin’s trading volume goes up and down over time.
  • Red column on the left hand side: Show orders to sell BIX. You can buy BIX at this column
  • Blue column below red column: Show orders to buy BIX. You can sell BIX at this column
  • Two Buy/Sell columns below: This is where you place buy/sell orders.


Here I buy 100 BIX for 0.00016443 BTC. I enter 100 in the Amount box and enter 0.00016443 in the Price box. Then press the Buy button to execute the buy order.

After successful purchase, please go back to the Funds section to see the number of coins in your account.

With the Sell order, you can also do the same with the Buy order.


So, I have instructed you to register and trade in any Altcoins listed on Bibox. Each exchange has its own strengths, so you can make transactions on any exchange you see fit.

See you guys in the next posts.

Source: What is Bibox floor? Instructions for registering and trading on Bibox
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