What is Coinlist? Detailed instructions to buy Token Sale on Coinlist

Coinlist is creating a fever right now, with the number of participants in the two most recent projects, Casper and Mina, up to more than 300,000 people. The article will help you learn more about why the Coinlist fundraising platform is so hot, and at the same time give some statistics and comments to help you better participate in the game on Coinlist.

What is Coinlist?

Coinlist is a platform for crypto projects to conduct coin/token sales to users, giving users early access to potential new projects. Coinlist platform is founded and operated by the company CoinList Markets LLC, based in California, USA. This is a very legal platform, the project has a license to operate in 20 states in the United States.

At the same time, the project has also developed the Bank Secrecy Act and the Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program (“BSA/AML Program”), in an effort to maintain the highest possible level of compliance with applicable laws. and applicable anti-money laundering regulations in the United States and other countries where Coinlist operates. Therefore, most of the projects that are sold Tokens on Coinlist have clear, transparent and high-quality information.

Coinlist exchange review: Should I buy a token sale on Coinlist?

Coinlist is a large, reputable fundraising platform that regularly lists high-quality projects. Most of the token sales supported by Coinlist are Blockchain Layer-1 projects.

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If you are lucky enough to buy Tokens on Coinlist, initially your tokens will increase or decrease depending on the case, but in the long term, more than 90% rate will make you profitable. The average ATH ROI of projects sold on Coinlist is 3,464%.

If you are unlucky to buy tokens in Coinlist’s Public sales rounds, you can wait for a period of about 24 days to buy at the best price.

After the launch FLOW extremely successful, Coinlist is a real craze when it comes to constantly launching quality projects like CASPERMINA (resuming 2 Layer-1 blockchains).

You can learn more about the projects that have raised capital on Coinlist and analyze the above parameters through the article below.

Learn about: Coinlist Seed Funding Platform Overview

Instructions for using Coinlist exchange

Step 1: Sign up for a Coinlist account

To register for a Coinlist account, visit: https://coinlist.co/

Then choose Get Started.

Fill in the required information in turn, including: Full name, Email address & Password. Then choose Create Account.

Brothers check gmail and verify email by clicking Verify your email.

So you have completed the step of registering an account on Coinlist. You can also perform the same steps on your phone by downloading the Coinlist app to your device, through the links below:

Step 2: Identity Verification – KYC

First of all, you need to know What is KYC?, KYC (Know Your Customer) is the process of collecting identifying information related to the customer of a certain service. The purpose of the KYC process is to remove unqualified people from using a service. With different units, these standards may be different.

To KYC on Coinlist, you do the following:

Into the Dashboard of Coinlist, select item Wallet, choose Verify.

Fill in all the information one by one, then press Save & Continue. Remember to bring your ID card or Passport to take a photo for authentication!

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After completing, you wait for Coinlist to check the information within 5 minutes. If not, Coinlist will guide you through the next steps for you to verify your account.

Step 3: Deposit money into Coinlist wallet

Click tab Walletselect the type of property you want to deposit, click Deposit.

Confirm the note to send the correct asset type of the exchange by clicking I Understand.

Copy the wallet address and send money in. However, you should note:

  • No send property BEP20.
  • Send only right type of property and true blockchainfor example in the picture you have to send USDT ERC20.
  • Ensure gas limit 35,000 minimum.

Instructions to participate in Token Sale on Coinlist

Click tab Token Sale click Learn more next to the project located in the Active now that you want to participate in buying tokens.

Here, I choose Learn more of the Casper Token Sale project.

Read the token information carefully and then click Register Now.

Choose the option (Option) to buy tokens that are suitable for you, click Register Now under that plan. Note that depending on the different options, the requirements for providing information will also be different.

Click Get started and in turn enter the required information:

If you choose options 1 and 3, the screen will display the results of your successful registration as shown below:

If you choose option 2, the screen will display the results as below and need to submit additional documents of your residence such as: home insurance bill, bill of living expenses ( electricity, water, internet, tax bill,…).

After completing the registration of the options, you just have to wait for the opening date, join the queue and buy tokens!

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Other features on Coinlist

In addition to supporting fundraising for projects, Coinlist also has the feature Trading and Staking.

  • Trading Coinlist Pro platform is supporting 25 trading pairs, some prominent tokens such as BTC, ETH, FIL, CELO, etc.
  • You can Staking tokens on Coinlist with APY up to 32%.

Looking for more information: What is Staking? Staking guide for beginners A – Z

Frequently asked questions when buying token sale on Coinlist

Is Coinlist a scam?

As I mentioned above, Coinlist is a large, reputable fundraising platform that regularly lists high-quality projects. Besides, projects opened for sale on Coinlist also bring high profit rates.

Therefore, you can safely use Coinlist!

What fees does Coinlist have?

There will be 4 main types of fees when you use Coinlist:

  • Loading fee: Coinlist is free to load up.
  • Withdrawal fee: Withdrawal fees on Coinlist are quite high, about 2-3 times higher than normal token transfers.
  • Token sale fee: Free, you will not lose anything when buying tokens.
  • Transaction fee: Coinlist charges 0.5% fee per transaction.

Does Coinlist have exchange tokens?

Coinlist currently has not announced anything about the project’s own token. However, in my opinion, the possibility that Coinlist will issue its own token is very high, Techtipsnreview will monitor and update more information about Coinlist for you as soon as possible.


Above are the reviews of the Coinlist fundraising platform and instructions for participating in the token sale on Coinlist, if you have any other questions, please leave a comment below to discuss with Techtipsnreview!

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