What is Facebook Campus?

Facebook has officially introduced a brand new interactive experience for college students, Facebook Campus.

What is Facebook Campus?

Facebook Campus is a completely separate interactive space located inside the Facebook application, where students can meet and interact with their school friends and in their student community by simple guest and more interesting.

How to use Facebook Campus

To use Facebook Campus, users only need to have a university email address and confirm their graduation year. Campus will use a user profile (profile) completely separate from the main Facebook page, so you are free to hide or change information such as where you live or your profile picture as you like within the Campus.

Once you become a member of the Campus community, you can easily connect with other students, with access to things like events and groups specific to each interactive community. These events and groups don’t appear outside of the Campus space, so you won’t have to worry about being snooped by other users in your friendlist, ensuring maximum privacy.

Facebook Campus
Facebook Campus

In particular, in the Campus space, there will also be a separate News Feed, completely separate from the usual Facebook interface, so you can update what’s going on in your community. In addition, there will be a contact list. allows you to search for other students by year of graduation, school, major or class. As well as community chat rooms for people to discuss issues and events.

In addition, fan pages representing universities can also participate in Facebook Campus, as well as groups and events of that university. However, it will not be possible to see the list of students or search for a specific chat room.

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This feature is currently only available at select universities in the US, so not everyone has a chance to try it out right now. However, in the future, Facebook Campus may appear in many other countries, forming a large interactive community for students around the world.

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