What is T-Rex Exchange? T-Rex floor manual from AZ

T-Rex Exchange is a new exchange where you can use VND to convert to Crypto and from Crypto to VND, quickly and easily.

So what advantages does T-Rex Exchange have over other P2P exchanges available in the market? Let’s be together Techtipsnreview Let’s find out about this issue in today’s article!

What is T-Rex Exchange?

T-Rex Exchange is a P2P (peer to peer) exchange, where you can buy and sell popular coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) in VND.

Advantages and disadvantages of T-Rex Exchange


  • Unlike Remitano, T-Rex Exchange is supporting buying and selling transactions through many different banks. Typically: Vietcombank, VPBank and Techcombank, ACB etc….
  • T-Rex Exchange has a very good UX/UI, sympathetic at first sight.
  • In addition, T-rex Exchange also established a T-Rex Academy to organize and provide additional training on investment knowledge for users.


  • The floor is new, not many people know about it.
  • Does not support VND wallet.

Instructions to register for an account on T-Rex Exchange

To have a secure and safe account at T-Rex, you just need to follow 3 steps Simple that I will guide right below.

Step 1: Sign up for an account

First, visit the T-Rex homepage and click “Register” or log in directly to the link here to register: https://link.Techtipsnreview.net/go/trex.

Next, enter your email address and press “Send code to Email“.

subscribe to T-Rex Exchange

After that, you check your Email to get the verification code and enter it in the box “Enter Auth Code

T-Rex Exchange authentication

Note: You guys should check your spam folder too!

After you enter the correct confirmation code, T-Rex will redirect you to the “Registration

register for T-Rex Exchange

Here, you need to fill in all the information and click “Completed“.

So, you have successfully registered for a T-Rex exchange account. Now, you need to set up security for your account.

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Step 2: Security Settings

To start making security settings, go to https://www.t-rex.exchange/user/security.html

Here, you need to perform security settings such as verifying your phone number, 2-factor security (2FA) and creating a transaction password.

T-Rex Exchange security

Verify phone number

In the phone section, you click “Verification

verify T-Rex Exchange

Immediately, the phone number input dialog box appears. You just need to enter the required phone number and press “Receive SMS code“.

verify T-Rex Exchange phone number

In less than 1 second, you will receive a 6-digit SMS code. Enter this code in the SMS code input box and click Verify.

2-layer security (2FA)

In the Google Authenticator section, click “Verification

authenticator T-Rex Exchange 2

A window appears, containing the QR code and key chain.

authenticator T-Rex Exchange

You need to keep the key chain code and scan the QR code.

After scanning the QR code, enter the code in the code input box for verification (as shown) to complete the 2-factor security setting (2FA).

Transaction password

In the transaction password section, click “Put“.

T-Rex Exchange password

A window appears, here you enter the transaction password in these 2 boxes.

Note: The transaction password must be different from the login password.

Once completed, press receive SMS code.

Enter the SMS code in the code verification box and press confirm.

T-Rex Exchange transaction password

At this point, you have installed ⅔ blocking the way. There is only one last step left.

Step 3: Verify your identity

In the identity verification section (right below the security section), you click “Verification

T-Rex Exchange identity

Next, you need to fill in your Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth and click “Next step

T-Rex Exchange identity verification

After that, you can choose one of the following three types of identification documents: ID card, Passport and License to start the authentication process (here I choose ID card as an example).

T-Rex requires you to provide the following information:

  • ID number.
  • 01 Photo of ID card on the front.
  • 01 Photo of ID card on the back.
  • Finally, 01 photo with ID card and a handwritten note “Register for T-Rex day/month/day”.

After providing all the above information, click “Completed“.

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identity verification T-Rex Exchange 2

It’s done! Your account will be verified by the T-Rex team within 48 hours.

Instructions for using T-Rex Exchange

Payment method settings

Before you can trade on T-Rex, you need to install a payment method.

To make this setting, go to https://www.t-rex.exchange/user/security.html

Scroll down to the last section is the payment method, click “Add a payment method“.

payment method T-Rex Exchange

Next, fill in the required content of the T-Rex floor as follows:

  • Bank: (Select the bank you use for transaction).
  • Full name: (Same as on the bank card).
  • Bank address: (Bank branch when you make the card).
  • Bank account number.
  • Transaction password.

After filling in the information completely and accurately. You click on the box “Confirm“It’s done!

T-Rex Exchange confirmation

Now, you can trade on T-Rex Exchange in a delicious way!

Instructions to buy Bitcoin on T-Rex Exchange.

First, you visit the homepage of T-Rex and click on the “Fiat“.

Fiat T-Rex Exchange

Next, you can choose one of 3 BTC, ETH or USDT coins to trade.

In this article, I will choose BTC as an example, the rest of you guys do the same!

In the buy tab, you choose the seller with the amount of BTC that matches your buying needs and click “”Buy BTC” on the right edge.

BTC T-Rex Exchange

Then, enter the amount of BTC you want to buy and click Buy BTC.

buy BTC T-Rex Exchange

On the transaction page, you need to pay attention to two main items:

Time left to pay

T-Rex stipulates the time for each transaction to be 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, if there is no automatic transfer of money, the buy order will be canceled.

T-Rex Exchange transaction time

Billing Information

When transferring money, you need to enter the correct account number and transfer the exact amount to be paid.

Transfer content also needs to be entered EXACTLY content provided by T-Rex.

After transferring money, remember to press the button “I transferred the money“.

T-Rex Exchange money transfer

Important: If you have already transferred the money to the seller, please DO NOT CLICK knot “CANCEL“. If you click “CANCEL”, the digital asset will be transferred back to the seller, and you will lose the amount transferred. And vice versa, if you haven’t paid, please don’t click “I transferred the money” otherwise you will violate the trading regulations.

After completing the payment to the seller and the seller confirms that he has received the money, T-Rex will disburse the BTC you bought into your account.

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Note: After 20 minutes, you still have not received your BTC, you can open a dispute or contact Customer Care for support.

Instructions for selling Bitcoin on T-Rex Exchange

You access the fiat section and switch to the Sell tab.

sell BTC T-Rex Exchange

In the sell tab, you choose a buyer with the amount of BTC that matches the amount of BTC you need to sell. Then click the Sell BTC box.

order to sell BTC T-Rex Exchange

Next, enter the amount of BTC you need to sell and click sell BTC.

sell bitcoin T-Rex Exchange

A confirmation screen appears. You click “Sell ​​BTC” to complete the creation of a sell order.

After creating a trading order, you will wait for the buyer to pay. Buyers will have 20 minutes to transfer money to brothers.

If more than 20 minutes, the transaction will be canceled automatically. This canceled transaction will be charged to the buyer.

T-Rex Exchange btc selling process

After the status changes to “Paidplease check whether you have received the money in your bank account or not.

If you have received it, please click “Confirmed I received the money” to transfer digital assets to buyers.

T-Rex Exchange sale confirmation

Trading fees of T-Rex . exchange

When using T-Rex, you will have to pay a number of fees such as:

Reputable accounts:

  • Transaction fee: 0%
  • Deposit fee: Free
  • Withdrawal Fee: Free

KYC approved accounts:

  • Transaction fee: 0%
  • Deposit Fee: Free
  • Withdrawal Fee: Free

Registered account but have not completed KYC:

  • Transaction fee: 0.5%
  • Deposit fee: Free
  • Withdrawal Fee: Free

Transaction fee: 1% of the total trading volume.

The buyer will be the one to bear the transaction fee and the fee is charged directly to the price displayed on the exchange.


The article I wrote is for help you understand how to register an account, as well as Bitcoin trading activities on the T-Rex exchange. Hope this article is useful to you guys.

If you have any questions about T-Rex Exchange, please leave a comment below the article. Techtipsnreview will answer you as soon as possible.

Best regards and see you in the next posts!

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