What is Windows Sandbox? Activate Windows Sandbox on Win 10

 What is Windows Sandbox?  Activate Windows Sandbox on Win 10

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I. What is Windows Sandbox?

This feature is only available on the May 2019 Update version of Windows 10 (Windows 10 Verision 1903), or later!

Literally, Windows Sandbox is like a virtual computer that comes pre-installed on your Windows 10 operating system. Whenever you need to use it, just turn it on and be ready to use it right away.

This virtual computer is extremely useful in case you want to test strange links, visit a website with an untrusted link, or even you want to install a piece of software that you do not have. trust, for example if you suspect that the software contains malicious code that harms your computer, then you can immediately open this Windows Sandbox virtual machine and install the software directly on the Windows Sandbox tool. this.

All software that you install in Windows Sandbox will not affect your main Windows operating system, because when you close Windows Sandbox, those software and related files will be deleted forever so it’s very is useful and ensures the safety of your computer.

In short, Windows Sandbox acts like a virtual computer, but it is only for testing software you suspect. And if you want to create a professional virtual computer, you can check out 2 extremely quality articles by Admin:

II. How to activate Windows Sandbox on Windows 10?

Well forget, in fact, there is also a similar software with Windows Sandbox, if you are using Windows XP, 7, 8 or 8.1, you can use this software to replace Windows Sandbox!

Ok, back to the main content of this article, let’s get started right away.

+ Step 1: You need to Update Windows 10 to the latest version first.

+ Step 2: You need to check if your computer supports this function by opening it Command Prompt up.

You can see the tutorial on how to open CMD as administrator if you do not know how.

click-activate-windows-sandbox-on-win-10 (1)

Then you enter the command systeminfo.exe into the window Command Prompt => and press Enter to perform.

If you see the line Virtualization Enabled In Firmware in item Hyper-V Requirements was Yes then that means your computer can enable this feature.

click-activate-windows-sandbox-on-win-10 (2)

Tips: So if this line is NO, what does it mean? Yes, it is possible that your computer does not support virtualization, or has but not enabled virtualization in the BIOS. You can see the tutorial to enable virtualization in BIOS if you do not know how!

And also a note that there are currently only 2 versions Proffessional and Enterprise Windows 10 allows to use this feature, but for the rest of Windows, even if you enable this feature, you still cannot use Windows Sandbox.

+ Step 3: You press the combination Windows + S and search with keywords Turn Windows features on or off => and click to open it up.

click-activate-windows-sandbox-on-win-10 (3)

+ Step 4: There will be a dialog box appear, please check the box Windows Sandbox => press OK to agree.

click-activate-windows-sandbox-on-win-10 (4)

Please wait for the activation process to take place.

click-activate-windows-sandbox-on-win-10 (5)

+ Step 5: After activation is complete you need to restart your computer to complete the activation of Windows Sandbox.

click-activate-windows-sandbox-on-win-10 (6)

+ Step 6: Now to use you just enter keywords Windows Sandbox into the search box and will have the results as shown below. The virtual machine is ready for you to use.



Ok, so I have finished showing you how to Activate Windows Sandbox virtual machine on Windows 10 Alright.

Please enable and test Windows Sandbox to ensure the safety of your computer, avoid unnecessary dangers when you test a suspicious software.

Good luck !

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