Why Tab Groups is a useful web browser feature you should be using

In the process of web browsing, depending on work requirements, there are cases where you have to open and work with even dozens of different tabs, each of which corresponds to a working window on a certain topic. In such situations, managing a large number of tabs is clearly not simple. That’s why most major web browser platforms now support a feature called “Tab Groups” – “Tab groups”, which allows users to manage a large number of open tabs on the web. system in a more convenient and simple way.

The concept behind Tab Groups is pretty simple. This feature allows you to combine multiple individual tabs into subgroups, which can be individually themed and movable. Tab Groups is currently supported on most popular web browser platforms such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Firefox. This feature basically works bronze on all platforms. Here are some key advantages that Tab Groups bring to you.

Keep everything in one window

Keep everything in one window

Before the Tab Groups feature appeared, the simplest way for you to group multiple tabs together was to put them in a separate browser window. The downside of this approach is that it can turn your PC into a mess with dozens of open windows.

Tab Groups still allows you to keep all your tabs in one window, but will create specific “partitions” for them. For example, you won’t need to remember which windows contain tabs related to a particular project or topic. Everything is put in one place, but sorted by color and title so you can find it easily when you need it.

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Bringing Intuition

As mentioned above, when Tab Groups is active, you can label (name) and assign a separate color to each tab group. If you always have to work with multiple tabs, these categorization features can make a big difference in how you manage and interact with your browser’s tabs.

Tabs are assigned by color

Usually, the more tabs you open, the smaller their titles will be and the less information you can see. However, if you use the labeling feature in Tab Groups, you will always know which color tab group is being used for which specific task. For example, red is the group of effects used to monitor the trading market, the blue tab group is for online shopping. How to set the color will depend on your preferences. Intuitiveness is a big benefit that can be seen here.

Keep everything neatly organized and in place

Another big benefit to mention here is organization. Without Tab Groups, a large number of open tabs can make your browser look like a mess. You click a link and the corresponding web page opens at the bottom of the list of tabs, completely devoid of any logical order, and that makes it possible for you to forget or have trouble finding an opened tab again. .

Tab Groups gives you a number of ways to arrange the scientific tab order. For example, if you’re in a tab group, and you click a link, the web page will open in the same tab group you’re working on. In addition, you also have the flexibility to collapse tab groups as needed.

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Above are the typical benefits of Tab Groups feature. TipsMake.com has an article on how to use this feature on some popular browsers, please refer.

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