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In some specific themes for WooCommerce you can easily see the products are mostly put out on the homepage because usually those themes will help you make a real sales page. As for the regular themes that don’t support it, it usually displays the latest articles instead of products.

Of course we cannot turn a simple theme into a fully WooCommerce supported theme on our own unless you have a lot of experience working with coding. But while not making it fully professional, we still have a way to get products out of the homepage of the website in a simple way.

Method 1. Set the Shop page to the homepage

When installing Woocommerce, it has preset for us a page named Shop (Shop) to display the list of the latest products. We can take advantage of WordPress’s function of setting a static page to the homepage to bring that store page out of the homepage, by going to [textmarker color=”247BFF”]Settings -> Reading -> A static page[/textmarker] and select the main page as the store. If you want to have a page showing the latest posts, then choose in the article page section.


[Woocommerce]  Set up shop as homepage 15

After saving you will see your homepage is a shop page. It’s just that.

Method 2. Create your own page and use shortcode

If you feel that the store page it displays products is not very diverse but you want to display many products from many different categories, there will be another way is to create a new page, then write the necessary content. display in, where you can use Woocommerce shortcodes to display products.

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First create a new page, I name it Home for example for easy identification.

In the body, you can write anything in, or use the following shortcodes:

[Woocommerce]  Set up shop as homepage 15
  • [products orderby="date" order="desc"] – Show the latest products.
  • [product_category category="slug-danh-muc-san-pham"] – Display new products based on product category name.
  • [sale_products per_page="12"] – Displays 12 products on sale.
  • [best_selling_products per_page="12"] – Display 12 best-selling products.
  • [product_attribute attribute="color" filter="black"] – Display products that contain the attribute color and the attribute value black.

In addition, it also has some prices that you can refer to the article using the WooCommerce shortcode. If you copy from here, change the editing mode to Text before copying. And remember, the shortcode never has the same product pagination as the store page.

For example, I have this homepage content.


Although there is no pagination, but I think that display is enough, customers can go directly to the store page or categories to see more products.

[Woocommerce]  Set up shop as homepage 15


Although I know your need to make your homepage more beautiful than that, but here I am giving a general guide that anyone can do because customizing a beautiful homepage for WooCommerce is more complicated than we think. much. I think if you are still not satisfied with the product display like this, you can choose to buy WooCommerce-specific themes.

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