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November 5, 2011


Wireless Controller


Today We are going to look at the XBox 360 wireless and wired controller features and specifications and comapare them side by side for the gaming.

First of all , Lets see the wireless controller the above shown controller is the Microsoft XBox 360 Slim Edition Controller With black finish. It is wireless controller and come with battery holder and 2 double A size battery in ordert to power the controller . Overall this is very good controller , its not the modded one. Comparing to the wired controller this controller has more fat to it , its more heavy as compared to the wired controller . The other drawback is that it drains battery in 2-3 days if you do regular gaming . The Only benefit of this controller is wireless and you can use Xbox 360 sitting anywhere in the room.


Wired Controller

The above shown controller is the Microsoft XBox 360 Wired Controller . The Buttons are the same as they are on the Wireless controller , the only major difference in appearance is that it has the USB interface . The USB connects to the Front 2 USB ports or at the back of the console . The Benefits of this controller are that it is lighter than the wireless controller , way much lighter. The other thing about is that , You dont have to worry about the batteries . Only drawback for this controller is that , you have to sit near your xbox  within 10ft .

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I hope you like it guys , Here I leave a question for you , There are rumours that Wired Controller responds more quickly then the Wireless Controller . So leave you answer on our facebook page and in comments . Stay tune for more reviews.


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