Your laptop will very quickly fail because of these bad habits

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In a modern and civilized life like today, computer is an indispensable device for many people’s work.

Especially Laptop, Laptop computer has become an extremely important electronic device, it is very helpful in the learning, working and entertaining process of everyone, especially the young. Because of its high mobility, it is convenient to move and use in many places.

As such a popular and important device, the careful care of the Laptop is a very important issue that needs to be mentioned, and in fact, not everyone knows how to preserve their laptop.

It is not wrong when people still have the saying “The endurance in people”, and true, the durability of a laptop depends a lot on how we use it.

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In the last article, I have shared with you how to increase the life of the Laptop Battery in a very detailed way.

And today I will continue to point out the causes, or the bad habits of frequent laptop users, to help you better understand how to use the laptop effectively as well as how to keep them safe. the best.

I. Bad habits make laptops quickly fail

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#first. Do not turn off the Laptop completely when carrying it out

This is a very popular habit of many people, especially office workers, because they simply think that doing so will save PIN and a lot of working time.

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Suppose you are trying to complete a Words on the computer but suddenly your best friends invite you to go out, so you do not turn off your laptop completely, but put it in your backpack and then go to your friends’ house to continue. keep working so that it doesn’t take much time to rebound.

In fact, it is true that this will save you quite a lot of time, but in return it will cause your laptop to deteriorate more and more.

Because when leaving the laptop in sleep mode by folding the screen down while the machine is still active, this can cause damage to the internal components of the computer, such as the hard drive die (especially the HDD), or it is easy to cause the computer to hang while applications are running.

If you move gently, it is better, over here you run like a horse, this is indeed a very bad thing for your computer.

#2. Suddenly turn off Laptop (off with physical key)

There are some people who think that following the proper steps to shut down the computer by the “Shut down” function in the operating system is very time consuming, because they take them 7 to 10 seconds of life to click and click. Wait until the screen turns off completely (especially when they’re in a hurry).

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And also when “lazy” like that, we often have the habit of quickly turning off the power button Power on the computer or remove the Laptop Battery to save more time than waiting.

However, this action will cause the programs you are using to not be fully saved, or even cause expensive components inside the laptop to be severely damaged by the sudden power shutdown. .

# 3. Stack too many heavy things on the Laptop

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Keeping yourself a tidy workspace is a must, but it doesn’t mean you pack things neatly by placing too heavy things on your laptop, such as placing a stack. books, for example.

The endurance of laptops is limited, especially thin and light laptops. And if you put something heavy, the Laptop will increase the risk of cracking, breaking the screen …

# 4. Too much software installed

Suppose, while you are surfing the web, you see a strange ad appear and notice that your computer is infected with a virus, so you handle this by installing software bluffly to resolving “heap of debt” in the machine and this will certainly make the machine more burdensome.

Therefore, when deciding to install any software, do not rush, but instead, you should find out what you are planning to install, what is dangerous for the computer or not. Or is it really necessary for the machine …

# 5. Laptop improperly folded

This is extremely common, and many people get it. I’m sure at least once in your life you will accidentally do the same ?

It is folding the computer by taking one hand to place the corner of the screen folded down or opening it.

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Although this is only a very small habit, repeating this habit many times over a long period of time will cause the hinge of the laptop screen to warp, even break due to the uneven folding force. evenly between two corners of the screen.

So how to open / fold the screen properly? Well, that is, you should open / fold the Laptop screen in the middle, because most laptops now have concave design there to accommodate this.

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II. Epilogue

And at this point, my post has also ended, I hope this article will help you recognize Bad habits about using Laptop that you are having to promptly repair or change. From there, improve the life of your Laptop more.

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I wish you a good day!

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