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Upon receiving the great number of request from the people that which is the best mean to use the internet  connection , So we are gonna talk about the two main ways ,


Ethernet Wired Connection

Some of us might be familiar with this term ” Ethernet ” , but some may not be . Ethernet is a wire used to carry packets of data usually used for telephone connections or internet data packets . This is an old way to connect internet to the computer from the router or modem .

Now lets see its advantages and disadvantages ,


Advantages of the Ethernet cable is that the data packets are transferred very fast in amazing speed of 1ms , which is the fastest of all speed up till now. This means if there is data sharing on a network or using internet connection for games or entertainment , then you have to get the minimum delay in refreshing the packets and sending the data , so at that moment Ethernet will be our hero .


Now lets see its disadvantages , according to me it has very few advantages , and if there are any I would categorize it as minor one not big one . So , the first one is that the in network of computers the Ethernet cables would be tangled easily and will give a messy look if not handled with great care . Second if you are going to use your laptop or computer at a distance from the modem than the Ethernet cable would have to be long enough so that you can connect It to your peripheral or computer .

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Wireless Connection

Wireless mean of connection is the new around 5-8 years ago , and its still in development stage .Its biggest ease is that there would be no wires so its not a messy when computers are linked in network in office or in any location . Now lets see the advantages and disadvantages of the Wireless connection .


The advantages of the wireless connection is that if many computers are linked in a network connection or if your laptop or pc is placed at a distance from the modem or router and you don’t want a wire hanging down or should be placed at the wall or anything like that , but you have to setup a wireless signal receiving card in your computer .


As for the disadvantages , wireless connection is  a bad mean for games and networks . Why ? . Here is the reason why it is a bad mean , the wireless connection sends signal and our environment there are many others ways we know about like magnetic or electromagnetic etc , and those ways intersect with our wireless data packets so there is a great time delay of 3-5ms. That’s very bad data rate for the internet connection especially for playing games online or transferring big files on the computer network.The other disadvantage is that the greater the number of walls will be the more the delay will be .


I hope your confusion might be cleared regarding this problem , and this comparison would help you guys selecting your mean for the internet or intranet connection .

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