The Tonor TC30 Microphone Review Performance & Tested 

Overview Of The Tonor TC30 Microphone Review

Tonor has been in the entertainment industry since the classic days of stereo. They have been leading the way in professional sound production with their product line which is their flagship, TC30 microphone.

The TC30 boasts true condenser mic preamps that are fully discrete and self-contained as well as a host of other amazing features such as dynamic noise cancelling on all channels, hi-pass filter to control feedback from resonance, and standard 3-band EQ for precise sound shaping.”

Today we gonna make the Tonor TC30 review, a high-end wired stereo condenser microphone from Tonor, the brand that pioneered professional studio hi-fi microphones back in the days of stereo.

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Features On The TC30 Microphone:

  • This is a professional mic that will work for all your audio needs.
  • It has an efficient cardioid pattern to capture clear sound while suppressing background noise so you can focus on what matters most – communicating authentically! 
  • The plug-and play design makes it easy as pie; simply connect this bad boy up via USB 2 data portno additional driver needed whatsoever since Windows 8/10 are already supported (or earlier versions). 
  • TONOR’s TC30 Microphone is a plug and play mic that doesn’t require any assembly. 
  • The upgraded concealed shock mount reduces noise caused by mouse clicks, keyboard strokes or even touch of your voice to give you crystal clear recordings with little distortion in tone!
  • This is a quality mic that’s ideal for recording podcasts, voiceovers or even singing. 
  • It has some really handy extras including the shock mount and foldable stand so you can take it anywhere without worrying about damaging your precious equipment!
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I’ve found this to be more reliable than most mics in its class – highly recommended if going out on stage requires polished sound


How The Tonor TC30 Review Was Tested

In order to test the TC30 we had a number of people record vocals and instruments. We used it on various instruments, including a guitar and a piano. 

The TC30 was also tested on vocals, both live and in the studio. We used it for both male and female voices. 

The vocals were recorded using a variety of settings including attack, release, and room.

 All vocals were recorded with the same mike so we could compare across various setups. 

In some cases we used the TC30 on its own and in others it was tested with a Shure SM58.


Who Should Buy The TC30:

The TC30 is a great buy for those who want to improve their vocals. 

Vocalists who are looking for a top-quality condenser mike that records true sound and has features that make it easy to use and control will appreciate this microphone tremendously.

 In addition, the TC30 is also perfect for recording instruments in the studio or live performances, including guitars, pianos, drums—the list goes on! Wherever a pure sound source is needed to add depth and clarity to recordings, the TC30 delivers.

If your budget is limited, but you need a mic preamp that works with any recording setup. As well as professional studio gear.

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The Sound Quality of The TC30

The sounds of the TC30 were very natural. 

The vocals were clear and full with deep bass notes. On the guitar sound was deep and full with a smooth distortion that was not overbearing.

 In the studio we found that high notes came out clear with no over-saturation, so it was easy to determine if they needed to be cut or boosted. 

The mic also has excellent noise cancellation abilities, which can be an issue in different types of live settings. 

Overall, we found that the TC30 is great for people who are serious about recording their own music but do not have top notch equipment (which most people don’t).


How The Tonor TC30 Compares To Other Microphones

In this section I will compare the sound of it to various microphones in the same price range. I will also compare it to other mikes that are expensive, such as the Shure SM57.

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The TC30 sounds like a great microphone and is much better than most other mikes in the same price range. 

Although many people on amazon claim that it doesn’t compare to more expensive microphones such as the SM57, those people have either never tried one of those or they just don’t know how good a microphone can actually sound. 

The TC30 sounds very similar to them but it is much better, especially for vocals and instruments. The TC30 compares best to the Shure SM58 and the standard Shure SM57. 

For vocals it sounds almost exactly like an SM58, except that it does not get as much feedback (from what I’ve read).

It also compares similarly to the 57 although it has better bass response. The biggest difference between the 57 and 58 is that you get more bass with the 58.

That said, if you have both you can use them in different ways, depending on your needs. For example, if you want a deep but clear sound with no added bass then use your TC30, while if you want a richer low-end sound then use your 57.


The Pros and Cons Of The Tonor TC30

The Pros:

  • High quality sound. An excellent microphone.
  • Sturdy design. The entire thing is built well and has a nice, solid feel to it. It doesn’t feel like it will break any time soon. It also feels like it will last a long time with regular use.
  • Easy to use: The TC30 is very easy to use, with only two dials controlling the sound, one for volume and one for tone (there are also two other dials that control noise cancellation). The design isn’t confusing or cluttered so you can easily mix your tracks and get them just right for listening later on.

The Cons:

  • No onboard/remote editing capabilities: You can edit its sound in post-production, but not in real time. This is really useful for live recording so if you want to control your sound from a mixer or source you have to find a way to do that in post-production or make some sort of adjustments before recording.
  • No cover: The TC30 does not come with its own cover; however there is a shock mount included with it so you can use something else for covering it.
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Where To Buy The Tonor TC30

The TC30 can be found on Amazon for as low as $50.

Tonor also has some of their own products available on Amazon, including the Tonor CD-1 CD recorder and the Tonor mini recorder. 

The company also has a number of other web sites that sell their microphone and recording equipment, including:



How do you use the Tonor TC30 Microphone?

The TC30 is a metal diaphragm condenser microphone that features a balanced XLR output, which can be used with any standard audio console or interface.

You only need to plug it in and start recording!

Using the TC30:

A condenser microphone can be used by itself or together with other instruments. It vibrates in response to sound waves and transduces that vibration into an electrical charge. The diaphragm of the microphone is charged by a voltage that is transferred through a cable to a device such as an audio mixer or recorder. The voltage is then amplified and recorded.

The TC30 can be used to record vocals, acoustic instruments, electric guitar and almost any other instrument.

How can I make my TC30 sound better?

Unlike a dynamic microphone which uses a diaphragm with a permanent magnet, the TC30 has an extremely light-sensitive diaphragm, without any magnet.

What does this mean? The quality of the sound produced depends on the ambient sounds surrounding it, so always be sure to use acoustic treatment when you record.

For a high-quality recording, use the TC30 in conjunction with other professional audio instruments and equipment (such as an audio mixer).

Is the Tonor TC30 compatible with Xbox?

No. The TC30 is not compatible with the Xbox.


Final thoughts on the Tonor TC30 Microphone

The Tonor TC30 Review is a superior quality microphone that records true tone and offers amazing features at an affordable price.

It is a good microphone for someone who looks at its qualities and not its price. 

If you want something that is easy to setup and doesn’t require you to dig through tons of components (such as preamps, pickups) then this is the mic for you. 

We also liked the fact that it has an adjustable three-band EQ, which allows for different amounts of boosting or cutting depending on what you need. This means you can cut some low-end in your mix and boost more highs at the same time if needed.

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