4 ways to reduce CPU temperature quickly you should know

The CPU temperature increases when playing games, when using the machine for too long is inevitable. But if prolonged will affect the device. Therefore, GhienCongList will show you how to reduce CPU temperature, cool CPU for computers and phones.

CPU overheating can cause unpredictable effects on the user’s device. Therefore, reduce CPU temperature is always necessary in the process of using the device. Let’s GhienCongListen Find out in the article below, to help your device reduce the CPU temperature on your computer or phone easily.

Lowering CPU temperature for what?

Using computers or mobile devices for a long time, or using heavy tasks will cause the CPU to heat up. This situation greatly affects the CPU and other hardware components inside.


Overheated components will result in reduced performance, which may result in power failure. In addition, as the CPU and other components heat up, the lifespan of these components is shortened.

Therefore, cooling the CPU for electronic devices will help the device’s performance to be stable, on the other hand, will help the device’s life be longer.


How to reduce CPU temperature on computer

There are many different ways to improve CPU overheating. Reducing CPU temperature is very important during computer use. So refer to the following ways to reduce the CPU temperature on your computer:

  • Place the computer in a cool place where the ambient temperature is not too high. This helps the computer and CPU to dissipate heat more easily thanks to a cool environment.
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Reduce CPU temperature


  • Regularly clean the computer, apply thermal paste to the CPU. This way is very effective, because when using the computer for a long time, dust and dirt can make the heat dissipation capacity decline, applying new thermal paste to the CPU will help the CPU cool down.

Reduce CPU temperature

  • Equipping your computer with a cooling fan or using a water cooler, a laptop cooling stand is a very effective method of cooling your computer and CPU. Especially with water cooling, this system will keep your computer cool when in use.

Reduce CPU temperature

  • Undervolt CPU to reduce power, direct voltage to the PC. Because the more power is charged to the CPU, the higher the temperature will be and vice versa, the less power is charged, the cooler the temperature will be.

How to reduce the temperature of your iPhone or Android phone

Phone overheating is no longer strange to users whether it’s iPhone or Android. To reduce the temperature of your iPhone or Android phone, try using the following ways.

  • Always keep the screen brightness at a moderate level, this both saves battery life and improves temperature significantly.
  • Check the applications running in the background, turn off unnecessary applications running in the background.
  • Avoid playing games for a long time, avoid charging the battery while playing games, leading to overheating.
  • Reduce the use of network connections such as 3G, 4G or Bluetooth for a while. By turning on these connections continuously leads to battery drain, hot machine.

Reduce CPU temperature

What is the CPU temperature?

What is a good CPU operating temperature?

Currently on the market there are many different types of CPUs, so each type of CPU will have a different ideal operating temperature. But according to experts, the CPU is in a normal state, running only light tasks, the temperature level from 30 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius is ideal.

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In the current computer CPU market, Intel and AMD CPUs are the two most popular types of CPUs. With Intel CPUs, the ideal operating temperature ranges from 47 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius, sometimes the CPU will reach about 80 degrees Celsius.

AMD’s CPUs are always rated higher in temperature, when they only fluctuate from 49 degrees Celsius to 69 degrees. Of course, the above CPUs are just running common tasks.

Reduce CPU temperature

Is CPU running at 100 percent good?

It is not good to let the CPU run at 100% at all. This causes the CPU and computer temperatures to increase rapidly, reducing the life of the CPU and other components in the computer such as RAM, disk drives or motherboard.

When the CPU is running at 100%, the computer may slow down, have lag, and may even hang or crash.

Reduce CPU temperature

What is the CPU temperature when playing games?

Normally, when playing games or doing other heavy tasks like rendering videos for a long time, the CPU will operate at a higher capacity, generating more heat.

Therefore, manufacturers have given the recommended temperature of the CPU when in a state of high-capacity operation, you need to pay attention to maintaining the CPU at this temperature.

With Intel CPUs, the temperature when playing games and using heavy tasks ranges from 66 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius. As for AMD CPUs, the temperature will range from 68 degrees Celsius to 92 degrees Celsius. .

How hot is the CPU?

When performing heavy tasks such as playing games or rendering videos, editing 3D graphics, the CPU will operate at a very high capacity, which can lead to 100% CPU loading.

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At that time, the temperature fluctuations given by the manufacturers in the above section can be said to be hot, but this temperature is still at an acceptable level. And when the CPU exceeds the recommended temperature, exceeding 90 degrees Celsius, even up to 95 degrees Celsius will be too hot, greatly affecting your computer.

Reduce CPU temperature

CPU temperature testing software

Windows 10 CPU temperature testing software – HWMonitor

HWMonitor is a free software for Windows computers that makes it easier to read computer hardware parameters. This software will display parameters such as voltage, CPU and GPU temperature, fan speed, etc.

From there, you can monitor to apply ways to reduce CPU temperature.

With HWMonitor, checking Windows 10 CPU temperature has never been difficult.

Reduce CPU temperature

You can download the software HWMonitor here.

App to check CPU temperature for Android – AIDA64

This is an application software used on Android operating system, capable of displaying various diagnostic information for your mobile device such as: test and measure CPU clock, check temperature , monitor battery status, check WiFi and mobile networks, etc.

With AIDA64, you can easily control the hardware parameters inside your Android device and reduce CPU temperature and cool down the device very simply.

Reduce CPU temperature

You can immediately download the CPU temperature test app for Android – AIDA64 here.

Surely you have seen that when the CPU is overheated, it has a great effect on the device and reducing the CPU temperature is extremely necessary, right?

Either way, on any device, always keep your device cool, so it can run smoothly and stably. Reducing CPU temperature increases the life of the machine and brings a lot of benefits.

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