Give away the latest Jade Rabbit Breeding Code and how to enter Giftcode

Breeding Jade Rabbit A mobile game, in which players will enter the world of the jade rabbit to fight with extremely powerful Super Bosses to be able to overcome the most difficult stages in this game. Along with that, you will face many dangers, traps and super Bosses, so the support items from the in-game Codes that the game house sends will support everyone in this game. You can refer to this article of right below.

Latest Rabbit Breeding Code

They are gift codes, which people can use to enter the game Raising Rabbits to receive valuable gifts in the game to support players completely free of charge. Along with that, the weekly and event codes will bring many VIP gifts for gamers.

Status Code
New ToTheMoon
New LetsGoAsia

Instructions on how to enter the code of Raising Jade Rabbit into the game

If everyone plays through Legend of Dragon Warrior, Rise of the God of War, Dai Hiep Tales… then surely you can enter the code into the game Raising Rabbits easily.

Step 1: Click Menu > Then select Establish.

Step 2: Then select account and copy UID.

Step 3: Go to the address: Enter UID, select the server and enter the code > And press Confirm.

Step 4: Come back Letters in the game to confirm the gifts about the bag.

In the above article of, I shared the Latest Jade Rabbit Breeding code which people can use to receive in-game gifts. Along with that, you can receive the most event Giftcodes in the game Raising Rabbit Ngoc Vip when you save this article.

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Source: Give away the latest Jade Rabbit Breeding Code and how to enter Giftcode
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