Pocket immediately 5 beautiful Ulike photo editing recipes for her to live virtual

We may not have fully exploited Ulike’s photo-editing potential yet. And this article will tell you some beautiful Ulike photo editing recipes that you should know to be able to create “artificial” photos.

Ulike is a free photo editing application that is being loved by many young people, especially girls who like to take selfies because of the large number of beautiful and beautiful color filters that are suitable for many different photo color tones.

But you are not always satisfied with the color filters available on Ulike. It’s time to try some Ulike photo editing formula nice GhienCongListen Suggestions below if you want your photos to become more qualitative and personal than before.


Before starting to edit photos according to the suggested recipes below, you should know how to open the photo you want to edit with Ulike, do the following:

  • Open the Ulike application and right at the capture screen, click on the circle icon located at the bottom left edge of the screen, next to the Style icon.

How to open photos on your phone with Ulike


Formula 1

Formula 1 in Ulike editing

Formula 1 will use the Vitality filter at the same time with some fine-tuning of the photo parameters.


In the photo editing screen on Ulike, tap Filter and select the filter named Vitality. Then adjust the intensity of the effect applied to the image to 50 by dragging the slider to the left.

Next, select item Editor and change the parameters of the image as follows:

  • Brightness: +1
  • Contrast: +5
  • Saturation: +10
  • Clarity: +5
  • Warmth: -1
  • Fade: +4
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Depending on the color and brightness of the original image, you can adjust these parameters to your liking instead of using our suggestions.

After editing according to formula 1 above and are satisfied with the changes to the photo, tap Save in the top right corner to save the image after editing to the device.

Continue to try out the recipes below to hone some super-skillful photo editing skills to share on social networks.

Formula 2

Formula 2 in Ulike editing

Similar to the photo editing steps in formula 1, open Ulike > select the photo library and select the photo to be edited > select a filter Peach and set the applicable level to 70.

Finally, adjust more effects in the editor:

  • Contrast: 10
  • Saturation: 10
  • Sharpness: 50

Formula 2 in Ulike editing

Again, you can increase or decrease the parameters in brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. to suit your wishes.

Then press Save to download the edited photo to your phone.

Formula 3

The formula for editing photos on Ulike is beautiful

Formula 3 will use at the same time a photo style called “Plain 2” with some tweaks to the photo parameters below:

  • Brightness: -34
  • Contrast: -34
  • Saturation: -5
  • Highlight: -13
  • Dark Area: +35
  • Warmth: -5

These parameters can be increased or decreased to suit your intentions. Press the button Save to save the photo after editing according to this number 3 Ulike photo editing formula.

Formula 4

Pocket immediately 5 beautiful Ulike photo editing recipes for her to live virtual

This recipe #4 uses a Picture Style style called Moonlight with the intensity set to 70 and adjusts the image parameters in the section. Editor as follows:

  • Brightness: -10
  • Contrast: -12
  • Saturation: -10
  • Highlight: 40
  • Shade: 20
  • Humidity: -15
  • Fade: +10
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Press Save stars when satisfied with the photo editing.

Formula 5

Beautiful Ulike color correction formula

Formula #5 will use the Mouse filter with 100% applied intensity and changes in image parameters:

  • Brightness: -12
  • Contrast: -21
  • Saturation: +5
  • Warmth: -5
  • Light area: -25
  • Dark Area: +38

This 5th formula will be suitable for outdoor photos. Lots of light and a bit of softness is needed to neutralize the glare of the photo.

Here are the Ulike photo editing formula beautiful that you can pocket gradually use this year. If you find this article interesting and interesting, please support GhienCongListen by sharing the article for as many people to know.

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