Read text with Google Lens, why not?

Google never ceases to amaze us. This time let’s see what Google Lens can do after the latest update. Read with GhienCongListen now.

From something as simple as calling any phone number, to more complex things like translating text and looking up words, Google Lens deserves to be a support tool in your work and study. . Together GhienCongListen find out now how read text with Google Lens in the following article.Read text with Google Lens, why not?

Be more productive with the new Google Lens feature

Google Lens has been used by millions of users from scanning and translating text to looking up plants and animals. The app is one of the tools that can be used to complete many tasks including reading QR codes & looking up highly rated dishes.Read text with Google Lens, why not?


You want to discover new things around. Google Lens is an ideal choice. Look up whatever is out there. Sounds interesting right?

Not only that, the technology giant Google has launched unique new features for Google Lens. Let’s find out what it is:


Copy handwritten text on paper to computer

Google Lens has long been a tool for copying text or taking notes on paper. However, with the new update, things get more interesting.Read text with Google Lens, why not?

From now on, any text areas you copied from your meetings or general chats, all you need to do is just tap copy to computer. It is done. A great way to quickly transfer handwritten meeting notes from paper documents to your computer in no time.

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You just need to remember to log in to your Chrome account and the writing should be clear and legible. That is enough.

Read text with Google Lens

Many people choose to learn a new language as a way to upgrade themselves. Especially in a time when people limit going out, learning a new language becomes a prominent search term at the end of the year.

Previously, Google Lens was able to translate from Chinese, Spanish, etc. into more than 100 languages. All you need is to point the camera in the direction of the text and that’s it. Now, with the new update, you can use Google Lens to practice pronouncing new words.

Just point the lens and capture the text and press the new button named Listen to hear difficult words. Take Otorhinolaryngologist for example.

Look up new vocabulary

In case if you come across any phrase or term that you don’t understand, ask Google Lens for help. The operation is very simple, you just need to follow the illustration below.

Read text with Google Lens, why not?

The above three new features have made users quite excited because they will be able to transfer documents from paper to computer. Features rolled out on May 7, 2020 (yesterday) on Android as well as iOS platforms. Note that the Listen feature is only available on Android operating system and will be rolled out to iOS in the near future.

>> Download Google Lens to your device.

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With these three new updates, users can now freely look up and back up handwritten documents via computer easily. GhienCongListen hope this article will be useful to you and don’t forget to Like & Share the article to support GhienCongListen to share more interesting news.

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