The most accurate way to search by image on Facebook

This article by GhienCongList will show you how to search by image on Facebook user profiles or want to search for posts containing this image.

This post by GhienCongListen will explain how Facebook image search, using the Facebook image search method with the image’s ID number. It also includes information on how to do a reverse search in Google, stay tuned.

Facebook Image Search is a method to find profiles of Facebook users using photo ID, photo search or advanced Facebook search. If you are looking for photos on Facebook or if you have photos and want to find the profile or related data of something, this article by GhienCongList will show you how to search by image on Facebook.

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How to search by image on Facebook

Facebook assigns a numerical ID to all photos uploaded to the social media channel. Images downloaded from Facebook have that numeric ID as part of the filename by default. If you know this number, you can use it to find the source of the photo on Facebook.

It could be the profile picture of the person who shared it, or the person whose profile you’re trying to find might be named or tagged in the photo.

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1. Right click on the image you want to search on Facebook.

2. Select Opens in New Tab in Google Chrome. If you are using another web browser, select View Photo, View Image or a similar option.

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Facebook image search

3. Search for three sets of numbers separated by underscores in the image’s address bar or filename.

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4. Locate the number string in the middle. In this example, it’s 10161570371170223. This is the ID number you’ll use on Facebook to find the image.

Facebook image search

5. Type (or copy and paste) into your browser’s address bar.

6. Paste the ID number of the image right after the = sign in the address bar. This example would appear as no spaces.

7. Press Enter to go directly to photos on Facebook and find the profile where the photo was posted.

Use reverse image search

You can do a reverse image search in Google using a photo posted on Facebook so you can learn more about the person who posted it.

1. Right click on the image and select Google Image Search.

2. A new tab will open showing possible matches for the image.

3. Remove the text from the search box, replace it with site: and press Enter. This tells Google that you only want to reverse the image search on Facebook and not other websites.

Facebook image search

4. Check the results to see if there’s a profile for the person you’re looking for.

Use photo scanning software to find Facebook

Search Is Back: lets you find people by city, relationship status, school, name and more. Plus, you can search for photos, events, posts, and more.

One good thing about this service is that you don’t need complicated FB search terms. The service makes finding people on FB very simple with limited resources.

Tineye: is only used for searching rotated images, the steps are the same, just upload an image or paste the URL and you will be greeted with all related photos and photo hosting sites.

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