The secret to blocking ads on Safari takes less than 5 minutes to surf the web extremely smoothly

iOS users can block ads on Safari or remove unwanted pop-up content with GhienCongList’s share in the article below.

As iPhone, iPad and Macbook users, exposed to the iOS operating system and regularly using the Safari browser, we must have encountered many times where ads appear to obscure the content we are viewing. see. Not only hindering watching movies, surfing the web, these ads also consume battery and heat up the device, extremely annoying. In this article, GhienCongListen will guide you How to block ads on Safari How and you just wish you knew this sooner.

Block ads on Safari with read-only mode

Usually, we will use ad blocking software to prevent the appearance of unwanted ads on Safari. However, there is an extremely simple operation that is easy to do without having to download an ad-blocking application. That is using Safari’s Read-Only mode, which is both fast and saves application loading time.


Block ads on Safari macOS

To block ads on Safari for macOS, we need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit a website.


Step 2: In the menu Safariselect item Settings for this Website.

Step 3: Tick the two boxes: Use Reader when available and Enable content blockers.


Block ads on Safari

From now on, Safari will turn off unnecessary parts, showing only the content of favorite websites.

You can also enable Read Mode for individual web pages, or enable it for all web pages at once. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Access Safari In the menu Safariselect item Preferences.

Step 2: In the tab Readerturn on mode When visiting other websites option.

Block ads on Safari

In addition, GhienCongListen also introduces other ways to enable Read Only mode on Safari as follows:

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Method 1: Use keyboard shortcuts Shift + Command + CHEAP

Method 2: On the Menu bar at the top of the screen, select View > Show Reader.

Method 3: Click on the icon Reader (three and a half dashes icon) in Safari’s URL address bar.

How to block ads on iPhone

The iPhone’s iOS Safari browser also has a similar option, which helps you block ad windows on websites. In this way, the iPhone requires us to choose and download an ad blocking software (The section below will introduce a few popular Safari ad blocking applications). Here are the steps:

Step 1: Choose to download ad blocking software on Safari in the App Store.

Step 2: Open the Settings app on your iPhone > Select the Safari item.

Step 3: Click on the section Content Blocker and enable the ad-blocking application you have downloaded (for example, the AdBlock Plus application below).

Block ads on Safari

Block ads on Safari

With this simple method, your device has also been implemented to block pop-ups.

Block ads in iOS apps with WiFi profiles

With WiFi configuration, we can block ads on Safari in iOS app by following steps:

Step 1: Go to WiFi settings, choose configure proxy and here you choose automatic mode.

Block ads on Safari

Step 2: Copy the link below, paste it in the URL and press Save.


Block ads on Safari

Install AdGuard AdBlocker on Safari

In addition to the above manual methods, GhienCongList introduces you to the AdGuard AdBlocker application to bring more ad blocking operations on Safari. This app blocks all ads and counters, speeds up page loading and protects your personal data.

In particular, you can freely adjust to your preferences because this application has more than 50 filters.

Install AdGuard on Safari macOS

To install AdGuard on Safari for macOS, we follow these steps

Step 1: Go to the Safari app > Click on the Safari item in the upper left corner > Select the item Safari Extensions.

The secret to blocking ads on Safari takes less than 5 minutes to surf the web extremely smoothly

Step 2: Type search name AdGuard AdBlockerthen select item Install now.

Block ads on Safari

Step 3: When the completion message appears as shown below, it means that you have successfully installed the AdGuard application.

Block ads on Safari

Install AdGuard on Safari iOS

To install AdGuard software on Safari for iOS, go to the App Store and search for the keyword AdGuard AdBlocker and download the application with the following icon.

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The secret to blocking ads on Safari takes less than 5 minutes to surf the web extremely smoothly

Then, you continue to follow these steps to enable the features of this application, to optimize ad blocking on Safari for iPhone:

Step 1: Go to the app Setting (Setting Apps), scroll down and select browser Safari.

Step 2: In the Safari application settings, select Content Blocker then turn on all of the AdGuard options included here.

Step 3: Launch the Safari application, select the icon in the middle of the browser toolbar as shown below. Next, drag the function bar to the right until you see the item More (with 3 dots) then click on it. In this Add section, turn on the tool AdGuard and choose Finished to complete.

Block ads on Safari

In addition to the above, the AdGuard application also has a lot of other features that help you adjust the filter, perform different blocking operations with different websites. GhienCongListen will guide you more carefully in the following articles.

Top plug-ins to block ads on Safari

In addition to AdGuard, you can also refer to a few of the most popular and reliable Safari ad blocking applications, which effectively block Safari ads as well as YouTube ads that GhienCongList introduces below:


An ad blocker for Mac and iPhone to prevent pop-ups, block harmful links, and check for malware in website scripts, which can be used to run in Safari and Chrome.

Adblock Plus

A simple app to remove ads from heavily visited websites and social networking platforms like YouTube and Facebook. In particular, this software is commonly used in blocking advertising clips on YouTube.


Available for both macOS and iOS, this app can help you browse the web without annoying pop-ups.


Ad Blocker for Safari with an intuitive interface also helps stop web trackers to maintain your privacy.

How to block pop-ups on Safari automatically

It can be seen that, along with Read-Only mode operations (Reader Mode), the ad blocker application is an effective assistant in blocking ads on Safari that can block all types of ads and trackers. However, if you just want to block pop-ups, you can still block pop-ups on Safari without downloading the app with these steps:

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Step 1: Go to the Settings app > select Safari.

Step 2: Switch the Block Pop-ups item to On (green), if it’s not already there.

Block ads on Safari

Why should you block ads on Safari?

As introduced by GhienCongList, blocking ads on Safari will help you have a better experience when surfing the web, and will bring efficiency to your device with the following benefits:

  • Faster website loading speed: no matter what, the website has to load data in order to display ads. As a result, Safari takes time for the page to fully load, and often causes the main content to take longer to render.
  • Your device will be safer: Many ads will be links to malicious software containing viruses as well as corrupted files. Blocking ads on Safari will protect your device from their intrusion and attack.
  • Use less data: When you block ads on Safari, you will save your data space for displaying images or videos of ads, especially in the absence of Wi-Fi and must use mobile data.
  • Battery life is maintained longer: Blocking ads on Safari will help you limit downloading too much data, reduce energy consumption, make the device configuration lighter, do not have to run too much at once. applications, thereby extending battery life.

Why shouldn’t ads be blocked on Safari?

However, sometimes we should not block all ads on Safari because this action will lead to some web pages not loading properly. Some websites will detect if their ads are blocked and if so, they will ask you to unblock the ads so you can continue to experience their platform.

Most websites make most of their money by charging readers to run ads. Blocking ads on Safari will mean the site doesn’t get paid. Without that source of income, it is possible that the website you love and visit every day will have to stop working because there is not enough funding for maintenance activities.

Hopefully the last article of GhienCongList has helped you remove some of your worries about blocking ads on Safari as well as blocking ads on YouTube and know more about ad blocking applications.

In the era of technology 4.0, always be a smart user, consider the option to have ads on a few websites still display properly without much impact on your web surfing.

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