Why is the WiFi network exclamation point? 6 ways to fix errors and overcome “speedy”

WiFi error exclamation often occurs, making users unable to connect to the Internet. Want to fix this situation but don’t know how to solve the problem? So, GhienCongList will guide you to fix WiFi with exclamation mark in this article.

In the process of using the computer, many of you must have encountered the problem of icon errors WiFi is exclamation on your computer or on your phone and you can’t access the Internet. Have you been experiencing the phenomenon of WiFi network exclamation and dissatisfaction? And you want to fix this error but don’t know how? Let’s follow the ways to fix the exclamation WiFi below GhienCongListen provide.

Why is the WiFi network exclamation?

WiFi is exclamation


When WiFi shows an exclamation mark, it means you are connected to WiFi but the Internet is not working properly on your device. In other words, it is like a parasite, connected but not active.

Don’t worry too much, any problem can be solved and when the WiFi network is exclamation, so is it. There are methods to solve this problem, whether you have this problem on your phone, tablet or PC. Most of these methods can be done easily and quickly.

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What’s going on with your WiFi

Before taking blind actions like unplugging the power plug, you should learn some of the reasons why the network is exclamation and how it can be resolved.

Basically, WiFi works like a complex radio system, it has a transmitter (WiFi Router) and a receiver (device that needs WiFi that you are worth using). The WiFi router will emit waves containing special signals, helping you to connect to the network and access the Internet.


So to use it, both the WiFi Router and the device that needs to be connected to WiFi will have to be configured with the correct network. Chances are, when experiencing an exclamation of the network, the problem stems from the WiFi Router or a software conflict on the device you use to connect to the network.

Turn off and back on the WiFi transmitter

This seems to be the method that most users think of first when having WiFi problems, all you need to do is simply turn off and on the WiFi Router switch again. Because when used for a long time, WiFi Router may encounter some minor problems. Turning on and off restarting the WiFi Router can solve the problem of exclamation WiFi when connecting to devices.

Restart your computer or phone

If turning the WiFi router on and off has not helped you solve the exclamation WiFi problem, restarting your computer or phone is considered the next quick solution. Or more simply, try toggling WiFi on and off in the device’s Settings, then reconnect to see if it works.

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Reset network settings

On Windows computers with WiFi exclamation point

On Windows 10, you will be integrated with a new feature called Network Reset, which helps you to quickly reset the network system. To do this, type Network Reset in the Windows search bar and press select.

Then, a new window will appear, what you need to do is save the unfinished work on the computer and click Reset now. The machine will reset the network and start up in a few minutes.

WiFi is exclamation

On Android phones with WiFi exclamation point

When WiFi shows an exclamation mark on your Android phone, go to Settingselect System. Select item Reset optionthen select next Reset WiFi, Cellular and Bluetooth. Click select Reset settings options, finally press Reset installation options.

WiFi is exclamation

On iPhone, iPad with WiFi exclamation

To solve the problem of the WiFi network exclamation on your iPhone or iPad, you can follow these instructions: Go to Setting > Select the item General Settings > Select Reset > Click on Reset network settings > Enter password if available > Then Confirm Reset network settings.

It should be noted that resetting network settings will erase all data about the previous network, including saved WiFi addresses or VPN settings.

WiFi is exclamation

Update Router Driver when WiFi

Like any other type of software, drivers need to be updated regularly. Usually they are designed to do this on their own. However, sometimes an update will be missed or fail altogether.

To check the driver status on your computer, open Device Managerselect Network Adapterslocate your wireless Network Adapters and then select Update Driver.

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You can then right click on the Network Adapters header in your Device Manager and select Scan for Hardware Changes. Your computer will automatically detect the router and start installing it with all necessary updates afterwards.

Run the network problem checker on Windows

You can also run the problem checker to fix WiFi exclamation Win 10. To do this, you go to Settingsselect item Update & Securitythen select Troubleshoot. Next choose Internet Connections from the list to proceed to run the crash checker for any errors.

WiFi is exclamation

Internet bill payment

Contact your Internet provider if you have already paid your bill

Sometimes, we forget about living expenses. So many times, your Internet provider is disconnected, possibly because your non-payment has lasted for a while. Therefore, you should check if you have paid and immediately contact your Internet provider to pay the bill.

Above are 6 ways to fix it when the WiFi network is exclamation that GhienCongList shares with you. Try to check if you have already paid your service bill or if your service provider has internet problems in the area first.

If you’ve already verified that you’ve contacted your carrier and everything is fine, then try performing the exclamation WiFi fixes using the instructions above.

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