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Are you looking for a new app to store photos? This is the place to look for the best Google Photos alternative.

Find an alternative to Google Photos now because unlimited Google Photos storage is coming to an end in June 2021. Any photos uploaded after that date will count towards 15GB of free Google Drive storage. default fees, so you’ll have to start paying or risk losing access to photos you’ve uploaded over the years. That’s why, look for yourself right away Google Photos alternative app the best with the lowest cost in the article below of GhienCongListen.

Use the google photos instead


Top 5 best Google Photos replacement apps

There are several options you can choose from if you want to move away from Google Photos. While none of these apps offer the same set of features, they are still well worth jumping over. But whichever you choose, make sure to back up all the photos you had before. You will always want a second repository for all of them.

Amazon Photos

Currently, Amazon offers the best overall alternative to Google Photos for a multitude of reasons. It’s a fact that you already have access to the storage if you’re paying for Amazon Prime. You get unlimited cloud storage for your photos as well as a set of features that match what Google Photos has to offer.


You only get 5GB to keep your videos, but you can save all your photos in their original quality without compression. Your photos will also sync, and you can share with the same Amazon Prime member on your account, up to six additional accounts. While it lacks some of the options that Google Photos has, Amazon Photos is by far the best option and you can use it instead of Google Photos.

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You can refer to the link below to download the Amazon Photos app for phones.


application instead of the google photos 1


Flickr has long been a go-to choice for people who need a place to store and screen their images. Although it makes more sense for photographers to keep an archive of their work to showcase and apply for a license. Even if you don’t shoot for hobby or even business, you can benefit from Flickr’s organization options.

The free plans offer up to 1,000 photos, but paid plans like Flickr Pro will give you unlimited storage for just $7 a month. You can set your photos to sync automatically, make all your pictures private, and assign them to albums as you see fit. Flickr also offers a clean interface with easy-to-use menus. You’ll have to pay some cash to use it however you want, but it’s still a great alternative.

You can access the following link to start using the service. And what’s even better is that Flickr also supports Vietnamese for you to use easily.

Not only that, it also supports applications on both popular platforms, Android and iOS. You can download the app through the Play Store or the App Store.

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Cluster – the best photo sharing for families

Cluster is a photo hosting website created specifically for storing and sharing pictures with family, with privacy at the forefront of the service. You can drag and drop your photos, they are saved in high quality and they will be uploaded to the cloud. You can reload them later if needed in the archive to make things simple.

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Unfortunately, you cannot change the order of the photos you upload or edit the photos you upload to the Cluster. It’s also free and none of the paid options improve the experience at all. However, for anyone who enjoys sharing family photos, Cluster is a great option that ensures everyone who wants to access their files can and any bad actors are eliminated.

You can refer to the link below to download and install the application on your phone.

Not only on phones, the service also has a web version for computers that you can access on your computer with the link below.

application instead of the google photos 4


Dropbox is an extremely useful service that can store more than just photos. You can set all your files to automatically sync to the cloud, your phone, or other locations, so you can access your phone from anywhere. You can also set up any folder you want, then drag and drop your photos via the special Dropbox app or web version to get everything you need safely and securely in your storage space. your cloud.

However, the free version offers 2GB of storage compared to 15GB for Google Photos, and if you choose to pay for the plans, it will cost you a pretty penny for unlimited uploads. Although Dropbox offers a lot of security features that will make sure your photos are safe.

Download the Dropbox mobile app by following the link below to store your photos as securely as possible.

app instead of the google photos 5

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive’s exclusive cloud storage solution is great for any file you need to store, not just photos. It’s an invaluable app for many business users, but it’s similar to Google Photos in many ways. You can use it on your desktop or download it to your smartphone and sync photos across each device. It will automatically sort and tag photos according to the parameters you set, and you can ensure that you never miss a photo upload.

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The free version offers 5GB of space, but for just $2 a month you can get 100GB. If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you can get 1TB of storage for just $7 monthly. If you already use Microsoft apps, OneDrive is a great Google Photos alternative for all your needs.

Readers can download the Microsoft OneDrive application on 2 popular mobile platforms or refer to the link below:

application instead of the google photos 6

When looking at all the Google Photos alternatives, the number one spot is clear enough for Amazon Photos. Not only does it come with an Amazon Prime account, but it also offers unlimited storage. It is quite similar to Google Photos and it comes with the trusted Amazon brand that backs it up. If you need to find an alternative to Google Photos, Amazon Photos is for you.

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